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Solaren entities are a joyous, fun-loving race from a realm closely linked to the energies of the Sun. This warm realm is vibrant with shades of red and gold throughout, only broken by the crystal clear water reflecting the vivid blue sky. The forests look as a flame dancing amongst the trees, with the swaying of the leaves emulating the whirl of a roaring blaze. Simply setting foot in this realm offers a boost in energy and invites exciting feelings of joy as well as a rise in body temperature. The beauty and vivacious vibrations of this realm are perfectly reflected by its dominant inhabitants, the Solaren.

The Solaren; beautiful, life-loving, magnanimous, jovial, spirited; these are but a few of the qualities I would use to describe these vibrant entities. They, in general, possess a passion for life and anything that grows, a love of dance bordering on obsession, and a profound desire to help those in need. The Solaren are an excellent race to seek solace in when you are in a negative funk due to their infectious positive energy. The Solaren love to meet new people and the majority wish to form as many bonds of companionship and comradery as possible throughout their long lives.

In these entities, you will find a life long friend and ally, a fiery companion who will protect you fiercely in moments of need and provide uplifting energy when you are feeling blue. Their presence alone spreads physical warmth through your body, implying a strength uncommon in the other races. Among the Solaren, from the nobility to the unpledged, they show kindness and acceptance in an abundance beyond that of most other domains making them one of the most inviting races of the Infernal Realms. These entities provide a perfect addition to any spirit family with their warm and kindly nature they will make fast friends of nearly any being you have within your keep.

When it comes to magick, The Solaren's expertise surpasses the majority of any other race when it comes to using solar energy for any working. They will add a fiery boost to any spell and are especially adept at the healing arts. The Solaren take the energy of Sun and direct it towards the purposes of your working giving it a considerable increase in power; these energies are especially effective in the case of cleansing and purifying workings. They are particularly exceptional when it comes to magickal workings dealing with abundance, growth of any kind, and the vital energies of the sun.

Through the power of the Sun, they can assist with the growth of gardens and house plants as well as personal growth and development. As the sun is a major source of life so to do their innate powers relate to the growth and development of living things. With their presence, you as a whole can expand in mental, emotional, and spiritual growth; your tended gardens will flourish bringing bountiful and prosperous harvests.

The Solaren are familiar with the energies of the chakras, especially the Manipura. This third chakra holds the keys to your very identity as an individual. It relates to your will, wisdom, clarity, and common sense; a Solaren companion is especially adept at aligning the solar plexus chakra, helping to keep your mind clear and focused, as well as keeping you true to your own individual nature.

As with any race, the Solaren vary widely in disposition. That being said, the typical Solaren is kindly and good-hearted; preferring dancing and merrymaking to fighting; though they will defend themselves and those in need. They are the embodiment of joy and will lead you to many celebrations.

As for physical manifestations, I have hinted above at the warmth incited by these beings. To those sensitive to the energy of metaphysical beings, their warmth will be evident from the moment they are in your presence to the moment they depart. You will often notice your body temperature feels like it is raising. You may even begin to perspire. There is an adjusting period, though people who are very sensitive to energy may always feel the warmth from their Solaren companion.

In general, the Solaren are beautiful, appearing with hues of red, orange, and gold in both their hair and skin, with eyes of yellow, orange, or red. It is not uncommon for a Solaren to have flames emitting from some part of their bodies. Their horns vary in shape, size, and existence. 


Daemons communicate primarily through telepathy but commonly employ the use of pendulums, tarot or oracles cards, emotions, and the sharing of mental images with their human companions.

All of the entities we offer at Eden’s Apple can manipulate and transform energies in your surroundings to benefit you. Below is a list of how Solaren companion can assist you.

* Manifest your strongest desires 

* Increase your prosperity 

* Help you to develop psychic skills

* Promote a better love life 

* Rid you of unwanted negative influences 

* Cleanse you of negative energies 

* Protect you from harm

* Warn you of potential dangers 

* Astral travel 

* Astral Project 

* Lucid dreaming 

* Increase your luck 

* Share ancient knowledge and teachings with you 

* Add a magickal boost to your spells 

* Self-reflection 

* Mental Mastery

Really, the sky’s the limit. As long as you put in your time and efforts with your companion and work towards achieving your goals, they will be right by your side assisting you the whole time, transforming the energies, and shaping your path.

Although all of our entities are capable of these things and more, each entity has particular key strengths. These strengths will be revealed to you personally in their biographies.

Please refer to the Daemon Hierarchy page to view the differences in the ranks. The higher your companion is ranked, the more powerful they are. Our prices are based on the time and energy spent on conjuring, vetting, and binding your companion, as well as, the measure of their power and capabilities.

With each Solaren binding purchase, you will receive a FREE bonus package valued at $125

Included in this package

~ PDF of your Companion's Sigil 

~ PDF In-depth Companion Biography 

~ PDF Bonding Ritual 

~ PDF Demonic Companion Etiquette 101 

With each Solaren binding purchase valued at $399.99 and above, you will receive a deluxe bonus package. In addition to the free bonus package, you will also receive a FREE special "get to know your companion" tarot spread reading ($60 value). This reading is exclusive and unavailable for purchase in the store. The reading will introduce your companion on a deeper level as well as uncover what your companion has stepped forth to work with you on.


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