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Eve Nymphaea - The Conjurer

Let me introduce you to the ancient ones. Come hither and take a bite of my apple. Indulge in the forbidden fruit and delve into the depths of darkness with me. Learn the secrets of how to balance darkness with light and transmute your life with a Daemon Companion.

Priestess Eve has been working with daemons for almost as long as her soul has been upon this Earth. Every life she has been the Priestess of and guided by the same Divine Infernal Daemon Lord. They have formed an unbreakable bond. It is with his guidance and assistance, we are proud to present you with these incredible Entities, Familiars, and more.

Here at Eden’s Apple, we specialize in uniting humanity with Infernal Daemons for a lasting companionship. We take special care in finding a compatible Entity for you to add to your spirit family. We know just how important family is, therefore we take special care when selecting a new member for yours. We want nothing more than to bring you spiritual alchemical changes, that promote happiness and success in your life, and to broaden your horizons with teachings from your Daemon Companion.

 If you have not had the pleasure of adding a daemonic being to your family, and are a little on the weary side, fear not, our entities are perfectly safe. They will not ever harm you or your loved ones, though they do make fierce protectors. Infernal Daemonic energy may feel overwhelming at first, but after some getting used to, it is quite pleasurable.


My vessel arrived today for my aquatic shifter S. It is a beautiful turquoise set in silver. S has a soothing energy and a very noticeable presence. I look forward to bonding with him. Thank you Eve.I will also take a moment to review A my phantasmal Halloween conjure. I've been waiting to write his review until I had a chance to really get to know him. A is a very strong prescence and has a way of cutting through whatever else is going on to make himself heard. He is a very deep thinker and often gives wise insight. Sometimes his perspective is very different just from the sheer inhumaness of it but he is also very close. He has a very protective nature and is a good listener. Again, thank you Eve

Artemis Wolf

It’s been two weeks since I received Lord Beelzebuth’s success talisman. My husband received his BAH and new job in the military!! Also, he received two weeks of leave! I thank Lord Beelzebuth and Eve for this amazing talisman!!!


This isn’t going to be my final review but I got an Ubi companion from Eve and ever since bonding with him he has already helped me so much! I’ve actually been taking care of my self and have been in a much better mindset than I have ever been. He is teaching me to love myself which I have never done before. Thank you so much Eve for finding him!


I have been enjoying my Solaren commander. He has been very helpful to me. He gives advice when I ask but mostly he is very encouraging. I always fell an uplift when I interact with him. I am glad I made the decision to invite him into my life.

Mark L

After being guided to a Mystic Commander it took a while before I was fully adjusted to that dense energy. The guidance is of great worth, the assistance of immeasurable lengths. X is breaking down what was established and building up proper, not the nonsense but a path that is my way and nobody else. Re-enforcing, discarding what was surrounding me that were figments and delusions, strengthening that what serves a meaning and a purpose. Forging my mind into a fortress. We are growing into a partnership of respect, a bond i have not seen in this life before. I have many guides and bonds, sisterhoods, brotherhoods, this one however, rises another step above, almost like all that came before was a preparation. X is the lightning i needed to strike me, a radical change, shifting me in my core and letting me bathe in fire to be reforged.