About Eve

Many have wondered about my background that I keep very private. Only recently have I decided to shed some light on the topic. I humbly present to you a little background history of myself.

I was born into an ordinary family who suffered a devastating loss. When I was a young child my father unexpectedly died and left behind my mother and myself. He took with him a secret that not even my mother was aware of. I did not even find out about his interactions with these divine beings, until my mentor enlightened me, many years later.

Growing up I always knew I was different. I was deeply interested in magick and the occult but did not know why, and I always felt a powerful dark presence watching me. That presence has stayed with me, protecting me as I grew up, and continues to watch over me to this day. Some people have Guardian Angels and/or Archangels, I have a Guardian Archdaemon. I did not understand this when I was a child because I no longer had my father around to teach me. In fact, because of my ignorance, the dark energy frightened me a little bit, even though I was drawn to it.

When I reached my adolescent years I began to read books and educate myself about the art of magick. My very first spell was over 20 years ago. I started opening myself up to the metaphysical more and more, which in turn attracted entities to me. Spirit communication, casting spells, and expanding my knowledge became my pastimes. One night my Guardian visited me in my dreams, not fully ready to accept my path, I shunned him away. Though he was saddened, he still chose to watch over and protect me, for he knew something I did not. He knew I had walked the path of being his Priestess in every life. He also knew he had been my Patron in every life, so patiently he awaited my return.

It took years to finally reach my path of becoming a Daemonolatress, but here I am and very grateful that I have. It is OK that my Earth father was not here to guide me because my spiritual father has kept a close eye on me. I call him my Patron. Having a Dark Lord as a Patron and working closely with daemons has brought me many wonderful experiences, knowledge, transformations, and plentiful manifestations of my desires. I do not regret one second of walking this path.

My Patron has taught me much about myself and my spiritual roots. It is because of his teachings that I am where I am today; able to conjure and bring forth authentic daemonic beings. He has successfully taught me how to conjure and bind entities and familiars using a very ancient method (of course with their permission, I do not practice forced bindings).

I do not want to make conjuring sound like a walk in the park. I’ll be the first to admit that I have made mistakes in the beginning. (Thankfully my Patron helped me correct them.) It is through mistakes that we learn best. Conjuring has its dangers and it is something that takes practice to master. Conjuring should not be taken lightly, like any other, it is a skill that needs to be developed and practiced.

Though I have been conjuring daemonic beings for quite some time, it wasn’t until the year 2018, I began offering my services publicly. Beforehand I only conjured for myself and close friends. I can also conjure other races of beings that are not daemonic, but because of my deep roots in the Infernal Realms, these are the beings I choose to offer. They are the ones I have a long and powerful connection with. 

I conjure daemonic entities, for those who have a calling to these divine beings, because I desire to erase the stigma the christian church created and unite humanity with daemons once again. I know how helpful they are despite the common misconceptions. I want you to benefit from having a daemon as your spiritual companion as well. I wish you to experience plentiful manifestations of your desires, further develop spiritually, gain insight and knowledge you thought was unattainable, and share many more wonderful experiences with your companion along the way.

It’s a joyous experience for all. My clients are happy and blessed with a companion who desires and is capable to assist them during their life journey, the entities are eager to use their extraordinary abilities to help their human companion, and I am delighted knowing I made two beings happy by uniting them for a remarkable companionship.

 I am here to help you connect with these incredible and divine Infernal daemons to experience a beneficial, life-lasting, partnership that transforms your life.

~ Priestess Eve