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The mystic realm is quite beautiful consisting of lush mountains, grassy fields to lay upon, dense green forests to take a nature walk in, flowing rivers to swim in, and starry skies to gaze upon. There are so many stars in the sky it lights up the realm with little to no need for light. Mystics tend to have a beautiful appearance to them. The kind you can't stop staring at. They range in various colors of purple. As the color purple is associated with the ajna (third eye) and the ajna is in control of the psychic senses. The females tend to lean towards a lavender color, while the males tend to lean towards a violet/Indigo color.  The color of horns, wings, and tails differ.

Mystic Daemons are renowned for their mastery of magick and psychic abilities. Instilled with immense power from the Infernal, each Mystic crafts unique magick rituals and practices. They are also superb oracles, trained to foretell the future through an assortment of methods. Furthermore, Mystics willingly share their wisdom, travelling through different planes to teach their art. Therefore, if you seek the ability to unleash powerful portions of magick or learn from masters of the craft, your search is over. Mystics are highly skilled practicioners and relish their work.

Mystic Daemons can help you cultivate your psychic abilities. They can assist you with developing psychic hearing, seeing, and feeling the energy of the spiritual realms through your third eye. It is essential to shore up your abilities if you are to effectively collaborate with entities from the spiritual realms. Please be aware, to fully reap the rewards of a Mystic daemon companion, you will need to dedicate your time and energy to the development of these skills. Your companion will be by your side and connecting to your intuition to guide you.

Daemons communicate primarily through telepathy but commonly employ the use of pendulums, tarot or oracles cards, emotions, and the sharing of mental images with their human companions.

All of the entities we offer at Eden's Apple can manipulate and transform energies in your surroundings to benefit you. Below is a list of how a Mystic Entity can assist you.

 * Manifest your strongest desires

* Increase your prosperity

* Help you develop your psychic skills

* Promote a better love life

* Rid you of unwanted negative influences

* Cleanse you of negative energies

* Protect you from harm physically and metaphysically

* Warn you of potential dangers

* Astral travel

* Astral Project

* Lucid dreaming

* Increase your luck

* Share ancient knowledge and teachings with you

* Add a magickal boost to your spells

* Self-reflection

* Mental Mastery

Really, the sky is the limit. As long as you put in time and effort with your companion to work towards reaching your goals, they will be right by your side the whole time assisting you.   Although all of our entities are capable of these things and more, each entity has particular key strengths. These strengths will be revealed to you personally in their biographies.  

 Please refer to the Daemon Hierarchy page to view the differences in the ranks. The higher your companion is ranked, the more powerful they are. Our prices are based on the time and energy spent on conjuring, vetting, and binding your companion, as well as, the measure of their power and capabilities. With each Mystic binding purchase, you will receive a FREE bonus package valued over $100

Included in this package ~

PDF of your Companion's Sigil 

~ PDF In-depth Companion Biography 

~ PDF Bonding Ritual 

~ PDF Demonic Companion Etiquette 101 

With each Mystic binding purchase valued at $399.99 and above, you will receive a deluxe bonus package. In addition to the free bonus package, you will also receive a FREE special "get to know your companion" tarot spread reading. This reading is exclusive and unavailable for purchase in the store. The reading will introduce your companion on a deeper level as well as uncover what your companion has stepped forth to work with you on. Your total deluxe bonus package is valued over $100

Included in the Deluxe Bonus Package

~ PDF of your Companion's Sigil

~ PDF In-depth Companion Biography 

~ PDF Bonding Ritual 

~ PDF Demonic Companion Etiquette 101

~ Get to know your Companion Tarot Spread ($60 value)

~~~The Mystic race is an Eden's Apple Original listing~~~