Daemon Hierarchy

The Daemonic Hierarchy we provide is sublimated for purposes of companionship. There are more ranks in the Infernal than what is listed in our shop. Our prices are based on the rank of your companion. The higher the rank, the more powerful and capable your companion is. Please note that occasionally you will see a Pre-Conjure listed with a "new" rank. Their rank will be explained in their biography. Below you can find an explanation of the two ranking systems we use; Militant and Common.



Core Militants ~ Are Daemons who are part of an Infernal Divinity's Legion. These Legions are the core armies of the Infernal. They hold higher status than militants belonging to a King or Queen of a sub-realm. Our Commanders and Legionnaires that we offer are part of an Infernal Divinity's legion. They are all Core Militants. 


Legion Commanders exist all across the vast Infernal Realms. They are very powerful militant beings. Each Commander oversees legions that consist of thousands of Legionnaires. It is the Commander’s duty to lead his legions and make sure the orders given to him are carried out proficiently by his Legionnaires. To become a Commander takes ample time, training, skill, and dedication. Commanders must also possess the ability to be forceful and command thousands of demons at once.  A commander must be formidable. If the Commander is not well respected and domineering he will be overthrown from his prominent position. Believe me, there are many just below him that are waiting for the opportunity to take his place. To give you a general idea, at the slightest sign of weakness, it becomes like a pack of wolves who smell fear.

Commanders have a very sharp mind, for they must make quick and precise decisions in an instant, especially during battle. They are also extremely mighty in combat. They tend to demolish any who stand in their way. Commanders constantly exercise their minds and push their bodies to their limits, promoting higher levels of whit, strength, endurance, and stealth. They must remain in tip-top shape mentally and physically to be able to control thousands of militant Demons at once.

Legion Commanders take their orders directly from their commanding officer (typically a General) or the Daemon Lord they have sworn an oath of service to. Just for clarification, when we say General we are referring to the highest Infernal Military rank this is directly under a Dark Lord. Each Dark Lord only has a few Generals. These beings will not ever be up for companionship. They are far too busy. The Infernal Divine keeps them well occupied.

Legion Commanders are proficient protectors and tend to be strict with their teachings. They usually are straightforward and blunt, unafraid to hold back. They do not dread what others think when they speak nor do they care if they offend anyone with the truth. Keep this in mind when you ask a Commander a question. Daemon Commanders are used to calling the shots, so they tend to be a bit confident and challenging. Because of their intense personalities and energy, Commanders are not suggested for the faint of heart. 

These quick-witted daemons make superior protectors to keep on your side. They are extremely powerful and not much can get past them in a fight. Their abilities to think and act swiftly coupled with their immense level of combat skills and strength will keep you protected. If any spiritual being attempts to attack you there will only be two outcomes. One, they realize they are bested and they run for the hills, or two, they are overconfident and cease to exist. Commanders have tremendously strong energy. Usually, their energy alone will keep predators away, however, it should be noted that such strong energy may take some time to adjust to.

These powerful daemons excel in shifting energies in your surroundings to help you manifest your greatest desires. Commanders can be the strongest protector you will have in your spirit family. Remember, they have thousands of Legionnaires at their command and they are extraordinarily skilled in offensive and defensive combat. You can count on the demise of the being who tries to harm you.


Legionnaires are the Soldiers of the Infernal military who take orders from their Commander. A Legionnaire is an entity who took a vow of loyalty to serve in the army of an Infernal Divinity. They take their vow very seriously and remain in the legion indefinitely. They train hard alongside their Legion Commander in hopes to one day become a Commander of a Legion. These soldiers are very efficient. For in the Infernal Realms, there is no room for mistakes.

What sets Legionnaires apart from those ranked below them is their intensive combat training. They are formidable opponents with exceptional discipline, perfect guides, and stalwart protectors. They are skilled in combat and wouldn’t think twice to jump to your defense. They can protect you from attacks when people send beings after you to cause you harm. Though I should warn, it is highly likely the intruder be completely destroyed and not return to whoever sent them after you. Legionnaires are the perfect addition to your spirit family if you are looking for a fierce protector of daemonic origin.  The Legionnaires can also teach you how to improve your astral defenses and they can even train you in the astral. They can teach you exceptional offensive and defensive combat skills should you choose to learn.



Common Daemonic Ranks ~ The "Common"  Daemons make up the dominate inhabitants of the Infernal. They are not part of the Infernal Hierarchy such as Goetic or Dukante Lord and Ladies. However, some are in a ruling position of their Sub-Realm.


Kings and Queens that we offer at Eden’s Apple are the authority and in charge of overseeing sub-realms. Within the colossal Infernal realm, are massive realms such as the Glacial, Solaren, Ecliptical, Mystic, Phanstamal, Hellborn, Metal Artisan, Chaos etc realms, and within these main realms are thousands of smaller sub-realms. The Infernal is a vast place and even the sub-realms are quite large housing millions of demons in a single sub-realm. Think of the Infernal as the Universe, the realms as a galaxy, and the sub-realms as the planets, stars, and asteroids within that galaxy.

The  Kings and Queens are commanding and hold an immense amount of governing power. It is their job to instill order throughout their dominion. They create laws and ensure that their residents uphold these laws. Believe it or not, Daemonic realms do have a sense of order in them that vary from realm to realm. Some realms are more organized than others, but rules are rules, and there are consequences if not followed.

The  Kings and Queens are highly intelligent, powerful, influential, and well versed in diplomacy. They prevent war, set up trades, and make decisions that are in the best interest of their realm. However, some wars need to be fought and no amount of diplomacy can stop them from happening. The Kings and Queens are also in charge of ensuring the safety of their sub-realm and the residents that dwell within. They have their very own legions to protect their borders in case a war is waged against them.

The King and Queen work closely with the Dark Lord (and his Generals at times) whose realm their sub-realm is located in. They have regular meetings and discuss politics. With this said, if the King or Queen is in need of assistance they can acquire aid from their respective Dark Lord. This also extends to help with defending their realm. If need be, they can call upon the Dark Lord’s massive and powerful legion to assist. Furthermore, It is also the King and Queen’s responsibility to teach the Prince and Princess proper diplomatic etiquette, for one day they shall reign in this sub-realm or another.

Kings and Queens are very resourceful companions and can assist you in a plethora of ways. If there is something you need assistance with that they are not well versed in, no worries, they have the capability to easily access others in their realm who are. They will obtain the knowledge or “manpower” needed to meet your needs. 


 Prince and Princess are the children of the ruling King and Queen who will one day step up to rule their own sub-realm. It is their job to assist their parents in ruling and ensuring that all is in order. They must do this in preparation for the day they become Kings and Queens themselves, even though this may a long time.  Becoming the commanding ruler over a sub-realm is not to be taken lightly. There is a lot of work involved with diplomacy and politics that they must learn from their parents. Often the Prince and Princess will accompany the King and Queen in political meetings with the presiding Dark Lord. Here they sit quietly and absorb the information and speak only when spoken to. However, there are some occasions that they are not permitted to attend and the meetings are private.

Very rarely does this happen, but it is not unheard of for the Prince or Princess to catch the eye of the ruling Dark Lord and be appointed King or Queen sooner than expected. It is through conversations in the meetings that the Dark Lord picks up on their spectacular ability to rule. Impressed, he will award them a sub-realm in his domain to rule over.

Trained from an early age in the art of war, diplomacy, politics, and proper ruling etiquette, the Prince and Princesses learn skills those below them do not. They have a strong sense of determination and will go the lengths to assist you with whatever you need


Pledged are daemons who have pledged himself/herself to an Infernal Divinity and part of legion but is non-military. Just because one is in a legion does not mean they are necessarily involved in combat. They pledged to remain loyal to their respective Infernal Divinity, and complete tasks  assigned to them. Although they are typically non-military, Pledged daemons still have duties to attend to, set forth by their commanding officer. The pledged are individuals who have proven themselves worthy in some manner to someone with power or connections. They are chosen for possessing above average skills and abilities or completing impressive feats, which is what separates them from the unpledged commoner. They will apply their above-average talents to aiding you on your life journey.


Unpledged are the common daemons that did not take a vow to join a legion of an Infernal Divinity. They are free from servitude to an extent, they must still respect and obey those that are superior including the King and Queens of the Sub-realms they inhabit. Unpledged daemons reside in sub-realms as residents that the King and Queens rule over. Unpledged does not mean weak or powerless, but it does mean that these daemons are typically not as powerful as the higher ranks. However, they are free to study whatever they like, whenever they like. They may pursue their own interests without interruptions from the responsibilities that come with belonging to a legion, thus they may devote more time on their personal path of empowerment. Unpledged entities are like the townsfolk. Common entities like the scholars, priests, teachers, just everyday regular citizens. They have a lot of experience and wisdom to share with you.