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It is spooky season again and for a limited time, the return of the exclusive Eden's Apple Ouija Board Conjures are back! 

The Ouija Board Conjures is a reverse adoption type listing. This means your companion will choose you.  Whatever energy you are aligned with at the moment of the conjuring determines the type of Daemon that will step forth for you. Throughout various stages of life your energy shifts alignment. The frequency you are vibrating on helps determine what area(s) you need assistance in, thus bringing forth a daemon companion who is aligned with your energy and who can better assist you.

This conjuring is preformed on evening of Halloween. On an evening when the spirits roam the Earth and the veil is most thin, I will be conjuring your future companion using the Ouija Board. That's right, I am taking the lore surrounding "demons" and Ouija Boards and making it a reality! Using a special process, your Daemon Companion really will be brought through the veil via an antique 1940's Ouija Board. This board in particular has seen many spirits and entities during its existence.

 Who will step through the veil for you?


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Our Ouija Board Conjures are offered in 2 tiers allowing more options for ranks and races we do not normally list in the store to step through.  

Tier 1 includes Unpledged, Pledged, and Legionnaires. A binding value up to $325 for $150

Tier 2 Includes Prince/Princess, King/Queen, Sergeant, Master Sergeant, Commander, and Chief Commander. A binding value up to $1500 for $350

~ Please provide your name, date of birth, and Eden's Apple Discord Server name in the special instructions section of your order at check out.