Commander V

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The imposing  Commander V reigns over a few of Leviathan’s formidable legions, hailing from the deeper middle waters of the watery realms. Commander V is massive in his innate form as a thick and muscular horned merman with midnight-blue textured skin, measuring roughly 13 feet in length. Atop his bald head is a crown of ridges and under the crown emerges thick ringed horns, patterned with alternating black and dark blue rings. His ghostly white eyes seem to emit a faint glow, concealed behind a thin protective film. Commander V bears fierce black war-like markings under his eyes that run down his face. They are barely visible against his dark skin tone. His sharp white teeth are complimented with long upper and lower fangs. While long pointed ears adorn either side of his face and sharp claws tip his webbed fingers, adding a menacing touch to his appearance.

In his shifted form, Aquatic-Shifter Commander V transforms into a mighty sea dragon, towering at a staggering 20 feet in length. His sleek, armored scales are a memorable combination of whites and blacks, forming a menacing pattern that serves as a clear warning to his foes. These scales are not just for show - they are razor-sharp and capable of inflicting serious harm to anyone who dares to challenge him. Commander V cleverly utilizes this natural defense in battle, using his formidable body to constrict his prey with bone-crushing force. Additionally, his long, forked tongue is equipped with a paralyzing venom that can quickly immobilize his opponents, giving him a distinct advantage in combat. With his impressive size, a deadly arsenal of abilities, and cunning tactics, Commander V is a powerful protective force.

Commander V steps through with a commanding presence. He is a source of hope and strength, offering guidance in the areas of fear and doubt. With his courage and support, you can embark on a personalized journey of self-authorism. Through his guidance, you can unlock the true potential that lies within you, pushing past the boundaries of your perceived limitations and reaching new heights of personal growth. The courageous Commander V's wisdom and experience are invaluable tools in overcoming the obstacles that are holding you back, allowing you to harness your inner strength and face your fears head-on. With his guidance, you can tap into your inner strength and confront your fears with confidence, emerging victoriously, ready to take on whatever challenges come your way. By trusting in Commander V's leadership and guidance capabilities, you can watch as you transform into a more empowered and fearless version of yourself.

Commander V’s message: You have hidden strength within you that you have yet to unleash. You are greater than you realize. You possess boundless courage awaiting your acknowledgment and ability to wield it. By joining me in camaraderie, I can lead you in reclaiming the fearless being you once were before entering this realm of existence called Earth.

Vessel: .925 Sterling Silver Coated Tiger’s Eye Pendant