Companion Candles

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Bonding Candles

When you purchase a vessel binding from Eden’s Apple you are sent a  bonding candle with your package. This custom candle is created with your companion and lit during bonding. We have received several requests to make this candle available for purchase at all times and we have delivered.

These new and improved custom bonding candles can be used for multiple purposes. If you feel you’d like to build a stronger connection with your companion, or simply want to give them this candle as an offering, they are here for your convenience to purchase. Sometimes you get busy with life and feel like you have drifted a little from your companion. This is a normal occurrence and your companion does not fault you. They understand how busy and distracting it is to be a human. Even so, you want to rekindle the flame that burnt so brightly as when you first welcomed your companion home. You can purchase one of these candles and it will assist you with creating a closer bond with your companion. Ordering an Eden’s Apple Bonding Candle will restore that flame and strengthen your connection to your companion once again. The Bonding Candle works similarly to a road opener spell candle and will remove blockages, re-opening the avenue to connecting with your companion on a higher level. Any time you feel you would like assistance to strengthen the connection with your companion, purchase a custom Bonding Candle to help you accomplish this.

Our Bonding Candles are made with pure essential oils of your companion’s choosing and herbs to assist your connection. Please let us know of any allergies so we may accommodate you.

The directions are simple and will be given to you after purchase. Much like the first bonding candle you received, your companion will be present and assist in the creation of your candle. Even if you ordered a distance or spirit binding you could still purchase our bonding candles to strengthen your connection with your Eden’s Apple companion.


Offering Candles

Our Custom Companion Offering Candles are made similarly to our bonding candles except these are strictly for offerings. You will receive a candle, specifically created with your companion in mind, that they will enjoy as an offering. The major difference is your companion's energy will not be included in the creation of the candle but they will have say over which herbs and oils they desire to be included. Our offering candles are a thoughtful and admirable gift from you to your companion that your companion will significantly appreciate.