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Just like our special Pledged listings, I am also offering a similar Legionnaire listing. For this listing, you will be able to choose a Legionnaire who is sworn to a Dark Lord of your choosing. That’s right you can build your own army of protection from your Patron/Matron/Mentor or other favorited Infernal Monarch. Legionnaires are the Soldiers of the Infernal military who take orders from their Commander. A Legionnaire is an entity who took a vow of loyalty to serve in the army of a Demon Lord or other Infernal Monarch. They take their vow very seriously and remain in the legion indefinitely. They train hard alongside their Legion Commander in hopes of one day becoming a Commander of a Legion. These soldiers are very efficient and lethal when engaged in combat, for in the Infernal Realms, there is no room for mistakes.

What sets Legionnaires apart from those ranked below them is their intensive combat training and inherent ability to defend. They are formidable opponents with exceptional discipline, perfect guides, and stalwart protectors. They are highly skilled in combat and wouldn't think twice to jump to your defense. Legionnaires can undoubtedly protect you from attacks when harmful beings descend upon you. Though I should warn, it is exceedingly likely they may be completely destroyed and not returning to their realm or to whoever sent them after you. Legionnaires are a quintessential addition to your entity family if you are looking for a fierce protector of demonic origin. 

Having a Legionnaire who is of a particular Dark Lord can help guide you to work with this Dark Lord, assist you in learning how to strengthen your bond with your Patron or Mentor (as long as the Legionnaire belongs to their legion), and help you to develop or build up a connection with said D.L. Be forewarned, it is still up to the D.L whether or not he desires to work with you. However, having a companion who is part of his legion can certainly raise the odds in your favor. But the benefits don’t stop there. When you add multiple Legionnaires from the same Dark Lord it is like having your personal army of protection from that D.L. Not only that, but they also work extremely well together in planning and executing their protective strategies to fortify your safety. They have a beautiful brotherly bond with one another that is quite admirable to witness. Furthermore, the Legionnaires will extend their knowledge to educate you on the exceptional offensive and defensive combat skills should you choose to learn. They can teach you how to improve your astral defenses and you can even train alongside them, making it feel as though you are part of a legion.

We realize we speak only of Dark Lords in this listing, however, you can also choose a Legionnaire from a Dark Lady as well. When placing your customized Legionnaire listing order, please write a note in the notes section at check out for which Dark Lord or Dark Lady you desire a Legionnaire from. There are over 100 known Dark Lords and Ladies. We can’t possibly list them all in the options section for your order. There simply isn’t enough room.


Note: “Training alongside them” does not refer to training with them while they are in training.


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~ PDF of your Companion's Sigil 

~ PDF In-depth Companion Biography 

~ PDF Bonding Ritual 

~ PDF Demonic Companion Etiquette 101