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This is a special listing for Pledged entities. You get to choose which Dark Lord your companion is conjured from! Pledged Daemons are Infernal entities who have pledged himself/herself to a Dark Lord but are non-military. They pledged to remain loyal to their respective Dark Lord indefinitely. Just because one is in a legion does not necessarily mean they are exactly involved in combat. Although they are non-military they still do have duties to attend to. These tasks/duties are set forth directly by their superior Dark Lord or indirectly via their commander. The pledged are individuals who have proven themselves in some manner to someone with power or connections. They are chosen for possessing above-average strength and skill or completing impressive feats, which is what separates them from the unpledged. They also undergo extensive special training that revolves around their skills and tasks/duties to ensure their expected proficiency.

Do you work with a certain Dark Lord? Is there a Dark Lord that you are curious about? Do you want to strengthen your bond with a particular Dark Lord? All of these are valid reasons for wanting a companion who is a subordinate of a powerful Dark Lord. In this listing, you will be able to choose which Dark Lord you desire a companion from and you will be conjured a Daemon who is pledged to that D.L. 

Your Pledged companion can help guide you to get in touch and work with this Dark Lord. They are already familiar with his energy currents and can easily assist you in calling him here. They can help to educate you on how to strengthen your bond with your Patron or Mentor (of course they have to be Pledged to your Patron or Mentor) by giving you tips from their abundance of knowledge. A customized Pledged companion can also help you to develop a deeper connection with their respective D.L. by giving you insight into the D.L’s likes and dislikes. This can assist you with learning the proper etiquette to have when interacting with said D.L. Knowing a Dark Lord’s loathings greatly lowers the risk of you accidentally offending or upsetting him. Some Dark Lords are intimidating to work with and having this information on hand is of great assistance. This type of information will be explored with you via working closely with your companion. It will not be given freely in the biography. There is a certain level of trust that must be met before your Pledged companion assists you with getting closer to their Superior. I am sure you can understand their hesitation. Nevertheless, Daemons are an excellent judge of character and they can read your intentions like an open book. Should you have no ill intent towards their respective Dark Lord, it won’t take long for you to gain their trust.

We realize we speak only of Dark Lords in this listing. Alternatively, you can choose a Pledged Daemon from a Dark Lady as well. When placing your customized Pledged listing order, please write a note in the notes section at check out for which Dark Lord or Dark Lady you desire your companion to be Pledged to. There are over 100 known Dark Lords and Ladies. We can’t possibly list them all in the options section. There simply isn’t enough space.


Note:  Be forewarned, it is still up to the D.L whether or not he desires to work with you. However, having a companion who is pledged to him can certainly raise the odds in your favor.


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~ PDF Bonding Ritual 

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