Black Flame Phoenix

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The Black Flame Phoenix is exactly what they sound like. A Dark Phoenix from the Infernal Realms who embody the black flame. Their lineage comes from the same realm as that of our Phantasmal Companions. A spooky, spectral, and colorless realm consisting of various shades of black and grey. It would only make sense that this is where the black flame often exists. Though this realm gave birth to the Black Flame Phoenixes, not all of them reside here.


Phoenixes, in general, are all about transformation and the Black Flame Phoenixes are no different. They are born from their ashes, live out their life, burst into black flames upon “death”, turn back to ashes, only to rise from their ashes again. The power of the Phoenix is infinite, an everlasting cycle of birth and death, signifying eternal transformation. It is no coincidence that this race’s debut is on the day of a solar eclipse. (We honestly didn’t plan it this way, didn’t realize it until after the planning of the release date. However, it made all the more sense.) 


Black Flame Phoenixes are a very special race of Phoenix. They are claiming to be the original race of Phoenix. Of course, there is no tangible proof of this claim, but we do not see a reason why they would lie. They've come here to assist you with growth and transformation, to tell you lies would be the opposite and would only hinder you. There are many lores surrounding the flaming Phoenix; believe in the one that resonates best with you.


That being said, The Black Flame Phoenixes have come forth to share some intriguing knowledge with you. This particular race has been around for hundreds of thousands of years. They are very ancient and have experienced a lot in their existence. They can share the forgotten knowledge that has been lost over time. In the past, Black Flame Phoenixes have traveled to many realms to teach the fiery art of rebirth and transformation. They have bared witness to many occurrences and hold much wisdom. Now these Phoenixes are shifting their attention to the Earthen realm. They have presented themselves in hopes to help you grow and transform, not just spiritually, but emotionally and mentally as well.


The Black Flame Phoenix has extremely powerful cleansing abilities. They can incinerate any harmful and negative energy that stands in their path. They will assist you in removing this corrosive energy from your aura that is holding you back from taking your next step forward in life. This leaves room for fresh positive energy to enter into your aura and help promote personal growth. You may even notice yourself feeling hot and sweating as the impurities are being singed away, this is normal; as the black flame has that effect.


These powerful Black Flame Phoenixes are very protective over those they care about. I pity any who test the strength of these Phoenixes. The Black Flame is an extremely powerful energy force. One of, if not, the most powerful flame is the black flame. It can cause great damage to an enemy. It is very proficient in breaking through shields and on the other side of the token, it is just as powerful to act as a shield.


The Black Flame Phoenixes are capable of manifesting their energy physically to those who are energy sensitive. Their high energy black flame can affect the receptors in your skin. They all have a physical icy-hot feel to their energy. It literally feels like you applied menthol muscle rub to your body. This is because the black flame is so extremely hot it feels cold. This sensation is called paradoxical cold. This icy feeling happens right before the burning sets in. Don’t worry, you will not get physically burnt, but you may notice yourself gradually feeling hotter whilst in their presence. They also manifest as black orbs.


Black Flame Phoenixes communicate through telepathy, pendulum, emotions, and sharing mental images.


Commonly shared abilities are assistance with growth and transformation, abundance, great strength, powerful shielders and cleansers, wise guides, strong protectors and skilled attackers when necessary.


Appearance: Midnight black feathers, black iridescent feathers close to the color of a raven, or black feathers with the trim matching their eye color. With black flames rasing from their feathers and embers trailing behind. Eyes are glowing and the color varies on an individual basis.



~~~ The Black Flame Phoenix race is an Eden's Apple Original listing~~~


Artwork created by DeeArtLover