Black Flame Phoenix

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The Black Flame Phoenix is precisely as its name suggests – a manifestation of the Dark Phoenix from the Infernal Realms, embodying the essence of the black flame. The lineage of these beings traces back to the same realm as our Phantasmal Companions; a haunting and ethereal plane devoid of color, composed solely of shades of black and grey. It is only fitting that this realm serves as the birthplace for the existence of black flames. However, it should be noted that not all Black Flame Phoenixes choose to call this realm their home.

Black Flame Phoenixes, like all phoenixes, symbolize transformation. These majestic creatures are known for their ability to rise from the ashes and begin anew. They go through a continuous cycle of rebirth and death, with each transformation marked by a burst of black flames. This cycle represents an everlasting process of change and growth. Interestingly, it is fitting that the introduction of this remarkable race coincides with a solar eclipse, as both events signify profound shifts in energy and cosmic alignment. Although unintentional, this coincidence adds even more significance to the release date.

Black Flame Phoenixes are a unique and exceptional breed of Phoenix. They assert themselves as the original race of Phoenix, although there is no concrete evidence to substantiate this assertion. However, considering their intention to aid in your growth and transformation, it seems illogical for them to fabricate such a claim. Deceiving you would contradict their purpose and impede your progress. Various myths and legends surround the majestic flaming Phoenix; choose to embrace the narrative that aligns most harmoniously with your beliefs.

The race of Black Flame Phoenixes has a long and rich history, spanning hundreds of thousands of years. With their ancient wisdom, they possess knowledge that has been forgotten over time. Throughout their existence, these Phoenixes have traveled to various realms to impart their teachings on rebirth and transformation through the power of fire. Their experiences have given them profound insights and deep wisdom. Currently, the focus of these magnificent creatures has shifted to the Earthen realm, where they seek to aid individuals in their growth and transformation. Their guidance extends beyond just spirituality, encompassing emotional and mental development as well.

The Black Flame Phoenix possesses extraordinary purifying capabilities. It is capable of obliterating any detrimental and pessimistic energy that obstructs its way. Through their guidance, they will aid you in eliminating this corrosive energy that impedes your progress in life, allowing space for welcoming positive energy into your aura to foster personal development. It is not uncommon to experience warmth and perspiration as the impurities are being scorched away by the black flame.

The Black Flame Phoenixes exhibit a remarkable level of protectiveness towards their loved ones. Any adversaries who dare to challenge the might of these magnificent creatures would find themselves in great despair. The Black Flame, an incredibly potent energy force, manifests as a ferocious black flame that possesses unparalleled power. It has the ability to inflict significant harm upon enemies and effortlessly pierce through shields. Conversely, it can also function as an impenetrable barrier, showcasing its astounding defensive capabilities.

The Black Flame Phoenixes possess the unique ability to physically manifest their energy, which can be felt by those who are sensitive to energy. Their intense black flame has a direct impact on the receptors in your skin, creating a distinct icy-hot sensation. It's akin to applying menthol muscle rub to your body - a paradoxical cold feeling caused by the extreme heat of the black flame. As you spend more time in their presence, you may notice a gradual increase in temperature without any physical burns occurring. Additionally, they have the ability to manifest as mysterious black orbs.

Black Flame Phoenixes utilize various methods of communication, including telepathy, pendulum movement, emotional signals, and the sharing of mental imagery.

Commonly shared abilities of these entities include providing assistance with growth and transformation, abundance, great strength, powerful shielding and cleansing capabilities. They are known to be wise guides, strong protectors, and skilled attackers when required.

The appearance of these avian creatures is quite remarkable. They are adorned with midnight black feathers that either possess a black iridescent sheen reminiscent of ravens or display black feathers complemented by the hue matching their eye color. The most striking feature is the presence of black flames emanating from their plumage, leaving behind a trail of smoldering embers. Adding to their mystique, their eyes emit an ethereal glow, with each individual sporting a unique and captivating color.

~~~ The Black Flame Phoenix race is an Eden's Apple Original listing~~~

Artwork created by DeeArtLover