Dimensional Vampire

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I have discovered a race of living physical vampires. These are not your average vampires that exist in astral realms as living entities. No, these unconventional vampires exist on an otherworldly dimensional “Earth”. They dwell on a planet that rotates around a sun, giving credence to the concept of time. They thrive amongst humans, hiding their true identity. I call these amazing beings Dimensional Vampires. These are not the “living dead” Vampire entities that you are used to, these are living, breathing, physical beings who have a heartbeat and blood flowing through their veins.

Dimensional Vampires go unnoticed amongst the humans of their planet because they can tolerate the UV rays and they look exactly like humans. They walk around and interact with humans on a daily basis and blend in. They even procreate with one another to keep their bloodline alive.  A few things that separate these beings from humans is the fact that Dimensional Vampires have extremely long lives, superhuman strength/bodily functions/senses/abilities, along with an intense hunger for human blood. This particular race of Vampires LOVE human blood. They have been known to do some unorthodox things involving the blood of their victims. I will leave that to your companion to divulge to you.

You are probably wondering “How on Earth do I interact with another being from another “Earth”?’’ I shall explain. Dimensional Vampires are able to astral travel to you just like any entity companion can. Think of it like this, when you astral travel/project to the Infernal to interact with your companion, that’s exactly what Dimensional Vampires will be doing to interact with you. They will be leaving their physical bodies to come to our Earth, interact, and spend time with you. Keep in mind they have lives on another planet and can not be by your side at all times.

Some abilities that Dimensional Vampires have, include but are not limited to, persuasion, hypnosis, enhanced speed, enhanced strength, enhanced senses, stealth, high intelligence, exceptional trackers/hunters, astral travel, and longevity,

Some things a Dimensional Vampire can assist you with are, but not limited to, clearing your mind for meditation, creating portals, astral travel/projection, energy collection, energy absorption, telepathy, and mental mastery

Just like Demons, Dimensional Vampire’s personalities, temperaments, and specialties in abilities vary from being to being. However, they all do seem to share the traits to draw you in, be seductive and appear very alluring.

Note: These Vampires are Dark Arts and may require small blood or energy offerings.

Not recommended for an inexperienced person.



~~~ The Dimensional Vampire race is an Eden's Apple Original listing~~~