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Drakes reside in many realms but the ones we offer live throughout the vast Infernal Realms. Infernal Drakes are of the Dragon family and are similar in appearance and abilities. So similar that they are commonly mistaken for Dragons. Drakes tend to average at 20 feet long. They come in a variety of colors which determine their subspecies type. These brilliantly multi-colored Infernal Drakes can help their companion in many aspects of life such as wealth, luck, love, prosperity, astral travel, spiritual warfare, magick, shielding, protection and more. They are very resistant to magick of others but can cast powerful spells for you, as well as, aid you in casting.


Drakes are fierce protectors of their companion and their clans. (a clan usually consist of 5-7 Drakes) They will not think twice before attacking an enemy to protect one of their own. Since Drakes are immune to magick their shielding abilities are exceptional. Infernal Drakes are also very aggressive towards enemies which enables them to be remarkable in both offensive and defensive roles. However, they will not be aggressive towards their companion. Instead, they will see you as one of their clan members.


Infernal Drakes come in a variety of colors that represent their subspecies. Each subspecies specializes in one of the elements. Even though they excel in summoning the energies one main element, they are still able to invoke other elemental energies when needed. Below is a list of the subspecies and the elements they specialize in.


Red~ Fire/Pyrokinesis

Blue~ Water/Hydrokinesis

Purple~ Lightning/Electrokinesis

Black~ Black Fire/Pyrokinesis

Crystal Blue~ Ice/Cryokinesis

White~ Air/Aerokinesis

Green~ Poison/Toxikinesis

Brown~ Earth/Terrakinesis


Drakes are very fond of treasure, especially shiny gems, metals, and objects. They will even go as far as hoarding their beloved treasures and hiding them from others. If your shiny items suddenly start to disappear, it is probably your drake tucking them away somewhere for "safekeeping”.


Infernal Drakes stand tall on four legs, have colorful scales in varying shades, and their wings are covered in leathery skin that matches their vibrant scales. Some have horns on their heads and/or spikes protruding from their backs, aligned with their spine, as well as, on their tails. All are able to fly. Drakes communicate with telepathy and mental images.


NOTE: Handmade Drake egg vessels cost additional. Eve custom creates these vessels on a per order basis. Each egg comes with a stand.

Furthermore, please indicate which color Drake you desire in the note section of your order



~~~ The Infernal Drake race is an Eden's Apple Original listing~~~