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The Drakes we offer reside in the Infernal Realms, where they exhibit similar characteristics and abilities as Dragons. While they closely resemble Dragons, Drakes are distinct entities. Typically measuring around 20 feet in length, these Infernal Drakes come in a variety of vibrant hues that correspond to specific subspecies types. They possess the ability to assist their companions across a wide range of areas including wealth, luck, love, prosperity, astral travel, spiritual warfare, magick, shielding, protection, and more. Not only are they highly resistant to external forces of magick but they can also cast potent spells on your behalf or support you in your own casting endeavors.

Drakes are highly dedicated guardians of their human companions and clans, typically consisting of 5-7 individuals. They possess a fierce determination to defend their own kind, displaying no hesitation in confronting any threat. With an innate resistance to magick, Drakes exhibit exceptional shielding capabilities. In particular, Infernal Drakes showcase remarkable aggression towards enemies, allowing them to excel in both offensive and defensive capacities. It is important to note that they do not direct this aggression towards their companion; rather, they view you as an integral member of their clan.

The Infernal Drakes exhibit a range of distinct colors that denote their respective subspecies. Each subspecies possesses exceptional expertise in harnessing the powers of a specific element. Despite their proficiency in channeling one primary elemental force, they are also capable of invoking energies from other elements as the situation demands. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of the different subspecies and their respective areas of specialization within the realm of elemental forces.

Red~ Fire/Pyrokinesis

Blue~ Water/Hydrokinesis

Purple~ Lightning/Electrokinesis

Black~ Black Fire/Pyrokinesis

Crystal Blue~ Ice/Cryokinesis

White~ Air/Aerokinesis

Green~ Poison/Toxikinesis

Brown~ Earth/Terrakinesis


Drakes have a strong affinity for treasure, particularly shiny gems, metals, and objects. They exhibit a tendency to accumulate and safeguard their prized possessions, often concealing them from others. Should you find that your gleaming valuables inexplicably vanish, it is quite likely that your drake has discreetly stowed them away for "safekeeping."

Infernal Drakes possess a strong and majestic stature, standing proudly on four legs. Their scales display an array of vibrant shades, captivating the eye. The elegant wings of these magnificent creatures are adorned with leathery skin that harmonizes perfectly with their brilliant scales. Certain individuals among them boast impressive horns adorning their heads, while others exhibit menacing spikes along their backs and tails, aligning seamlessly with their spines. A remarkable attribute possessed by all drakes is the ability to soar through the skies with grace and finesse. Their communication method involves a blend of telepathy, using mental images to convey messages.


Please note that handmade Drake egg vessels are available at an additional cost. Our talented Eve custom creates these unique vessels specifically for each order. Each egg also includes a stand for display purposes.

Furthermore, please indicate which color Drake you desire in the "special instructions" section at check out.


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