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 Drow, the apex civilization of the Underdark, these denizens of the lightless caverns beneath the soil have been honed to near physical perfection by the trials of everyday life thousands of miles underground. They are gifted and knowledgeable in many varying arts from combat and weapon expertise to dark rituals and spells. They dwell in vast caverns large enough for their dangerously beautiful cities that reflect their dangerous and trial ridden lives. These stealthy, sinuous dark elves are a direct counterpart to their surface-dwelling cousins and thus are more violent and mistrusting than any other elf you might meet. Loathe to trust, hard to befriend, and quick to kill drow are as much in danger within their own cities as they are outside. They live in a chaotic society that hides behind a semblance of order where murder and espionage are rewarded so long as there are no witnesses.

Drows are best suited for a companion who is looking for a guard or a protector, as they are quick to annihilate any threats. Their companion should be well versed in having DA/BA companions. Drows can also teach you the intricacies of Black Art spellcasting, should you desire to learn.