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This is a race of divine daemons that are closely linked to the energies of the moon. I discovered this race during one of my many astral projections to the Infernal Realms. Upon getting to know these Daemons and their capabilities, I have dubbed them Ecliptical Daemons due to their nature. This beautiful race of Daemons works extraordinarily well with lunar energy and moon magick of all phases, akin to a total eclipse. Eclipticals make an ideal companion for the aspiring witch or practitioner. They behold vast knowledge of all lunar phases and can teach you which lunar energies are appropriate for which spells. They are very patient beings, thus rendering Eclipticals to be proficient teachers.

No matter if you are a novice or well seasoned in witchcraft, Ecliptical Daemons can ensure a powerful enhancement to your magickal workings. They can hone the energies of the moon that are currently available to us, as well as, those that are not, because of their direct connection to the lunar energies. Working with these incredible beings, you do not need to wait for a specific lunar phase to cast your spell. Your companion can draw in the new, waxing, full and waning energies per your request. 

It is important that you learn the correlation between magick and the moon phases to obtain the greatest benefit from having an Ecliptical companion. If you are unsure or do not already know Eclipticals can assist in teaching you. This race of Daemon are the perfect companion to call on when you have a spell that requires multiple castings due to the need for numerous lunar energies. For example, in one day you can cast a growth spell ( for money, love, luck, etc) using the lunar energies of the new moon to begin the spell, the waxing moon to give an extra boost for manifesting, and the full moon to see your spell into completion. In one day you can cast three workings that roughly take up to 15 days without the aid of an Ecliptical. This is also true for spells on the other end of the magickal spectrum (banish ill-intended influences, remove obstacles, employ curses, etc) Eclipticals are an excellent companion for any who practices magick. Many practitioners rely on lunar energy and the different phases of the moon to do their workings. Inviting one of these incredible Daemons in your spiritual family literally brings a multitude of lunar energies to you to use at your discretion. You no longer have to wait; ask and you shall receive.

 Personalities vary from individual to individual but there are some traits they all bear in common such as patience, caring, loyal, empathic, protective, talkative, and their shared love for lunar energies. For appearance, Eclipticals tend to have light hues of skin colors and have a slight illumination emitting from their skin. However, some take on a cosmic-like skin tone; meaning darker with tiny illuminate specs, akin to a night sky with brilliant stars. Their horns are on the shorter end and their wings, and tails match their skin color. 

Please refer to the Daemon Hierarchy page to view the differences in the ranks. The higher your companion is ranked, the more powerful they are. Our prices are based on the time and energy spent on conjuring, vetting, and binding your companion, as well as, the measure of their power and capabilities.

All of the entities that we offer at Eden's Apple can manipulate and transform the energies in your surroundings to help you obtain your goals. Below is a list of how an Ecliptical companion can assist you. 


* Manifest your strongest desires 

* Increase your prosperity

* Help you to develop psychic skills

* Promote a better love life

* Rid you of unwanted negative influences

* Cleanse you of negative energies

* Protect you from harm physically and metaphysically

* Warn you of potential dangers

* Astral travel/project

* Lucid dreaming

* Increase your chances in luck

* Share ancient knowledge and teachings with you

* Add a magickal boost to your spells

* Self-reflection

* Mental Mastery

 Really, the sky's the limit. As long as you put in your time and effort with your companion and work towards achieving your goals, they will be right by your side assisting you the whole time, transforming energies, and shaping your path.  Although all of our entities are capable of these things and more, each entity has their individual key strengths. These strengths will be revealed to you personally in their biographies.

With each Ecliptical binding purchase, you will receive a FREE bonus package valued over $100

Included in this package

~ PDF of your Companion's Sigil

~ PDF In-depth Companion Biography 

~ PDF Bonding Ritual 

~ PDF Demonic Companion Etiquette 101 

With each Aquatic-Shifter listing purchase valued at $399.99 and above, you will receive a deluxe bonus package. In addition to the free bonus package, you will also receive a FREE special "get to know your companion" tarot spread reading. This reading is exclusive and unavailable for purchase in the store. The reading will introduce your companion on a deeper level as well as uncover what your companion has stepped forth to work with you on. 

Included in the Deluxe Bonus Package

~ PDF of your Companion's Sigil 

~ PDF In-depth Companion Biography 

~ PDF Bonding Ritual 

~ PDF Demonic Companion Etiquette 101 

~ Get to know your Companion Tarot Spread ($60 value)

~~~ The Ecliptical race is an Eden's Apple Original listing~~~