Enchanted Mystery Heart Tins

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Our Mystery Heart Tins are customized and enchanted to fit your love and lust needs. What is your desire? Do you want to be the apple of someone's eye? Maybe you want to exude seductive and empowered energy. Perhaps you simply want to love and accept yourself more. Select from a tin that promotes love attraction, self-love, or seduction and we will assemble the perfect tin for you to put to use for Valentine’s Day or everyday even. All items will be Enchanted by a specially chosen Infernal Divinity that matches your needs. A complimentary reading will be performed to determine if Lilith, Asmodeus, Astarte, Naamah. or Rosier will be enchanting your Mystery Tin. 

Each 6in customized heart tin will be different but your Enchanted Mystery Tin will have a value of $160 - $255 and at least 6 enchanted items. Lilith, Asmodeus, Astarte, Naamah, or Rosier’s Enchanted items that can be included in your tin are:

Large Rose Quartz

Candle (complete with herbs, oils, and crystal chips)


Bath time Salt and Herb Sachet

10ml crystal infused essential Oil roller

Soap (Handcrafted by Eve)

Spell Bottle 


Given as a gift to another or bought for yourself, every tin will include an Infernal Divine Talisman or Infernal Divine Spell bottle. An automatic $100 value!

Whether you are looking to embody the energy of a seductress, seduce a lover, attract a lover, attract love, or promote self-love; We will uncover which Infernal Divinity is the perfect match to enchant your customized mystery tin. 


*All items are custom enchanted.

*Oils are made with a coconut oil base and pure essential oils with added genuine crystals to enhance the energy and strength of enchantment. The enchanted oils will have a shelf life of 1 year.

*Soap is made with a goatmilk base and added essential oils.

*Talismans and spell bottles stay charged indefinitely.

Please indicate which theme you are choosing and any allergies you have in the special orders section at check out.