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Eden’s Apple’s Enchanted Soap is handmade soap crafted by Priestess Eve herself. After all the ingredients are added, mixed, and melted Eve adds the corresponding herbs and 100% pure essential oils to the soap to create a pleasant fragrance that adds potency to the magickal experience. All soaps are created under the full moon or dark moon depending on the purpose of the soap. Eve also takes advantage of energies present during the lunar and solar eclipses, along with the winter and summer solstices, and spring and fall equinoxes when incorporating her magick into these handmade soaps to make for a powerful experience. Every soap is imbued with ancient demonic energy to give a boost to the intentions. Each bar of soap is intended for multiple uses (roughly 25+ depending on how much you lather, however, a little bit of this soap goes a long way).

All Enchanted Soaps are made with ingredients that are safe for the skin. The base is made from goat's milk or saponified hemp seed oil and added is other saponified oils of coconut and olive, along with 100% essential oils and pure herbs. 

Currently featured in Eden's Apple is an enchanted soap that was crafted on the winter solstice of 12/21/2020 by Priestess Eve, Lord Ba'al, and her personal Royal Princess companion (daughter of a prominent Dark Lord). This soap has a powerful blend of the solstice, ancient Infernal, and herbal energies embued throughout it to give you a powerful energetic cleansing to remove negative energies from your aura. The soap is also enchanted with a protective shield layer to help combat negative energy from clinging to your aura.

When you lather yourself with Eden's Apple enchanted soap you can feel the fresh divine energy being absorbed into your aura, right down to your core. You will be engulfed in dark purifying energy. It's as if you invited a divine demon to encase you in their powerful cleansing field, which leaves your aura and you with a sense of being freshly restored, with the added bonus of soft skin.

The enchanted soap's base is of goat's milk. Added to the base are pine, clove, and cedar essential oils. Chopped pine leaves and a light dusting of cloves were added to the top of the soap to serve a dual purpose. Not only does it exfoliate the skin, but it also carries magickal properties.  Let's go through each herbal ingredient and its intended purpose. This soap has a refreshing pine smell with an earthy cedar and clove undertone.

Pine is a potent herb/oil that is used for cleansing, protection, and invoking joy

Cedar is a powerful cleansing agent that also is used for protection

Clove is a strong herb used to dispel and protect against negativity


All of these ingredients combined with the energies of the winter solstice, enchanted by Eve, and imbued with ancient Divine Infernal energy makes a powerful tool to cleanse yourself of negativity and shield against its attachments. Perfect for use before going out into a heavily populated area or around negative people or situations, as well as, after being involved with negativity. This particular enchanted soap is an extraordinary addition to any empath's wash routine. To benefit from the soap, just focus on the intention while lathering your skin and absorbing the divine energies. Feel the vibrations radiate through you as they cleanse the negativity from your aura, leaving you feeling renewed and potected.