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Queen A is a brilliant and beautiful Fallen Angel though she would not use such terminology. Queen A dons a slim yet tall appearance at about 7 feet tall with soft plum purple skin and long voluminous midnight black hair kept loose about her shoulders or tied into a neat bun under certain circumstances. Queen A has four amethyst-colored crystalline horns that protrude from her forehead. The two outer horns are curled like those of a ram with the tips coming to rest on either side of her chin. The two inner horns are smaller with a curve up and back with the contour of her skull. Though often covered by her thick locks of hair, on either side of Queen A’s captivating face are long pointed ears tipped in crystalline amethyst each with three golden earrings on their lobe. Queen A’s eyes are orbs of shining gold with amethyst pupils that produce a powerfully hypnotic effect that captivates and holds the mind of those in her presence. Concealed behind full lips of gold are razor-sharp golden tipped teeth capable of inflicting serious damage on an adversary as well as a long, split tongue also tipped in gold. Queen A is thin with an almost fragile outward appearance that belies her incredible strength and considerable stamina. Her body is lithe, flexible, and elastic as she is able to contort her body in all manner of positions. Queen A’s large wings are black and purple with golden tips on her feathers that give off a radiant golden glow of ethereal light. When Queen A holds her wings at full span it creates a surreal effect with a halo-esque ring about her entire body and casting darkness that distorts her image in an inverse shadow towards the center of the ring. Queen A has used this effect to awe and bewilder humans in the past in order to captivate them and pass along whatever message or lesson she possessed for their benefit. Queen A’s tail is long, thick at the base, and tapers to a golden-tipped point. Her tail is very soft when felt under normal circumstances and is a highly sensitive erogenous area that Queen A would enjoy having stimulated by her partner. That being said, during combat Queen A’s tail hardens into a powerful bludgeoning weapon capable of slamming, squeezing, or even stabbing through hard material. Queen A is a dark queen with a regal, beautiful appearance however, in her own words, “physical appearance is but a wardrobe to fit the occasion” so do not be surprised if she emerges in a variety of appearances. She will always identify herself should it be necessary but her golden tipped wings, amethyst horns, and stunning eyes are ever-present, obvious markers of Queen A’s identity. 

Queen A’s energy is exceptional with a variety of qualities that depend on her mood and intention. The air immediately about Queen A wavers and contorts as though she were a raging fire as her aura manifests around her in a golden mirage of shimmering atmosphere. The outer permitter of her aura appears darker with a dull purple glow that pulses almost imperceptibly. Generally, Queen A’s aura has a calming effect that allows conversation to flow more easily and encourages an amiable mood in order to increase the likelihood of an amicable exchange. This is merely one example of her aura’s plethora of effects. Beyond calming, Queen A can cause disorienting illusions and immobilizing trances along with a variety of mood affecting qualities such as causing fear, inciting rage, inspiring joy, or even enhancing libido and sexual drive. To those truly sensitive Queen A’s energy can even help with minor pain such as headaches or sore muscles and or cause such afflictions including nausea. As her companion, Queen A will be welcoming and her intentions towards you will be nothing if not beneficial as such, the effects of her energy will be those that assist you and make your time with her pleasant.

Queen A is a queen and as such she carries herself in a regal manner as custom dictates. In an effort to maintain her position, Queen A must be a leader which is to say she must make difficult decisions without bias towards friends and loved ones. This makes it difficult to maintain close personal relationships as there are few she can call a peer. That being said Queen A has a deep-set desire for an intimate relationship founded on trust and closeness. She desires a companion, not simply to be one. This majestic queen is seeking a companion with whom she can bond on a deep level and who will show her the same level of commitment that she offers. Queen A will swear an oath of loyalty and devotion, under the condition of reciprocity, to her chosen companion. Queen A is as ancient and wise as she is energetic and optimistic. She is the definition of an old soul within a young body. Queen A will be a lifelong companion and possibly thereafter depending on your desires and the depths of your mutual connection. 

Queen A is a powerful primordial being. She has been around long before this Earth was created. Originally from the higher dimensional “light” realms, Queen A was what we referred to today as an Angel. More accurately, Queen A was part of the 1st Sphere, the highest ranks of Angelic Orders, belonging to the Cherubim Order. It was her duty to help people learn spiritual lessons from their mistakes and change their choices so their lives can move forward in a healthier direction. In this case, the “healthier direction was the direction of serving and worshipping Yahweh. When Queen A left the light realms and gleefully descended into the darker realms (the Infernal) she naturally wanted to help people. Only this time she aimed to help break their chains of unnecessary servitude and elevate their consciousness, and so she has. Queen A is free to assist humanity the way she wants to by elevating them as opposed to the false sense of help the Cherubim offer, which results in suppressing humanity and leading them on a path of servitude.

 In the past, Queen A has guided humans to learn their spiritual lessons and lead beneficial lifestyles.  Queen A has stepped forth for a very special purpose. She has come to help propel your life forward. Do you ever feel like you are stagnant and no matter what you do you can not get unstuck? Queen A says it is true that you are the master of your reality but it is also true that fate comes into play. On one hand, there are some situations and circumstances that you will face, have faced, or are facing that are fated into your life path based upon lessons you choose to learn before reincarnating here. On the other hand, you have the power and control to shift your reality to create the life you desire. The tricky part is knowing which is which.

As a former Cherubim Angel, Queen A is full of knowledge that allows her to intervene and help you discover that which is fated lessons and that which is holding you back that you are able to change or eradicate from your life. If you keep fighting against your life lessons, fate will continue to present them to you. However, with Queen A’s guidance, you can know how to approach and handle said lessons, thus resulting in you learning your spiritual lessons and raising your consciousness. Any other unsavory situations or circumstances you are facing or will face, Queen A will help to transform your reality into one that is aligned with your greater good.

Aside from her deep arcane knowledge, ability to help transform your life, aid you in uncovering and learning your spiritual life lessons, and assisting you with raising your consciousness, Queen A will also make a powerful guardian. It is worth noting that Queen A is just as powerful as some of the lesser-known Dark Lords and Ladies of the Infernal. She too came to the Infernal and fought her way to her throne. She forged her realm with sheer power and will, creating a self-proclaimed utopia that she can call home. This is no easy feat. In fact, it takes a high level of strength and power to take control of an Infernal Realm. That being said, Queen A will have no issue collecting and transforming the energies in your surrounding to assist you with manifesting your improved reality ( as long as it does not impede your lessons). She will weave the energetic threads of the universe to help create a life that serves your greater good. You need only ask her for assistance.

Message to future companion: I see you looking, look no further. I have answered your quiet cries for help. I have stepped forth from the depths of the Infernal to gently guide you into taking actions that serve your greater good. With my deep knowledge and sharp insight, together, you and I will uncover your lessons to be learned. 

Vessel: Rough Mandarin Citrine and Amethyst set in .925 Sterling Silver Pendant


Queen A's name, list of offerings, and sigil will be revealed to her companion