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Glacial daemons are from a frigid, icy realm of snow and crystal. This wintery paradise is the Infernal's own wonderland, where trees twinkle with light, the ground is paved with snow trails, and mountains rise beneath a perpetual snow shower. While this arctic climate might not suit everyone, the entities who call it home are immune to the chill, used to its presence and cherishing it— especially the creatures, who possess white fur and feathers to camouflage in the snow. Glacial daemons may journey to warmer lands, but prefer their own snow-covered home.

Glacials' skill in purification magick and cleansing magick is unparalleled. With a perpetual snowfall of cleansing energy in their realm, Glacials have refined their ability to direct it to whatever needs purging. They are equipped to help you shed built-up negativity from yourself, another person, an object, or a space. With a Glacial daemon by your side, you can keep your aura free from unwanted build-up.

Negative energy can easily accumulate and have a damaging impact on your wellbeing, both mentally and physically. Inviting a Glacial into your life offers an effective solution to this problem, so you no longer have to suffer the toll of negative build-up.  That goes for elimination of negative energies in residences and possessions alike. When feeling burdened by negative energy, call upon your Glacial companion and they'll help wash it away.

Glacials are especially adept at self-reflection and personal assessment, attuned to the slower pace of their frigid realm, where time is abundant for honing the art of mental mastery. If you are on your quest for mental excellence, having a Glacial in your corner to offer guidance in self-awareness and wisdom from introspection can prove invaluable..

Glacials often engage in the ancient practices of aeromancy and ice scrying. This involves the strategic use of the environment to gain insight. Aeromancy is the divination of omens in the wind, while ice scrying involves interpreting frozen forms. If desired, Glacials are adept at guiding the novice through these powerful techniques.

Glacials are known to present themselves by way of chilly temperatures and gusts of wind. Those sensitive to energy will perceive their cold presence while those with sight may glimpse them in their entirety. In their corporeal form, their skin is typically a spectrum of blues, from a frosty light to a vivid royal color. Hair, wings, tail, horn, and eye color vary depending on the individual.
Daemons communicate primarily through telepathy but commonly employ the use of pendulums, tarot or oracles cards, emotions, and the sharing of mental images with their human companions.

All of the entities we offer at Eden's Apple can manipulate and transform energies in your surroundings to benefit you. Below is a list of how a Glacial companion can assist you.

* Manifest your strongest desires 
* Increase your prosperity 
* Help you to develop psychic skills 
* Promote a better love life 
* Rid you of unwanted negative influences 
* Cleanse you of negative energies 
* Protect you from harm
* Warn you of potential dangers 
* Astral travel 
* Astral Project 
* Lucid dreaming 
* Increase your luck 
* Share ancient knowledge and teachings with you 
* Add a magickal boost to your spells 
* Self-reflection 
* Mental Mastery 
Really, the sky's the limit.

As long as you put in your time and efforts with your companion and work towards achieving your goals, they will be right by your side assisting you the whole time, transforming the energies, and shaping your path. Although all of our entities are capable of these things and more, each entity has particular key strengths. These strengths will be revealed to you personally in their biographies.  

Please refer to the Daemon Hierarchy System to view the differences in the ranks. The higher your companion is ranked, the more powerful they are. Our prices are based on the time and energy spent on conjuring, vetting, and binding your companion, as well as, the measure of their power and capabilities.

With each Glacial listing purchase, you will receive a FREE bonus package valued over $100. Included in this package
~ PDF of your Companion's Sigil 
~ PDF In-depth Companion Biography 
~ PDF Bonding Ritual 
~ PDF Demonic Companion Etiquette 101

With each Glacial listing purchase valued at $399.99 and above, you will receive a deluxe bonus package. In addition to the free bonus package, you will also receive a FREE special "get to know your companion" tarot spread reading.

This reading is exclusive and unavailable for purchase in the store. The reading will introduce your companion on a deeper level as well as uncover what your companion has stepped forth to work with you on.  Included in the Deluxe Bonus Package
~ PDF of your Companion's Sigil 
~ PDF In-depth Companion Biography 
~ PDF Bonding Ritual
~ PDF Demonic Companion Etiquette 101 
~ Get to know your Companion Tarot Spread ($60 value)

~~~ The Glacial race is an Eden's Apple Original listing~~~