Hecate's Clairaudience Charm

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Hecate, the extremely powerful Goddess of Magick, has created a spelled charm to boost your clairaudience and telepathy skills! Clairaudience is a very important component of communicating with your companions. It allows you to be able to telepathically converse with your spirit and entity family.


The stone used in this casting is Eudialyte. Hecate chose eudialyte because it naturally stimulates clairaudience and helps develop telepathy along with other ESP abilities (your psychic abilities). It also naturally increases alpha and beta brain waves. When your alpha brain waves are heightened your ability to communicate and interact with beings from the astral is also heightened.


Eudialyte’s natural metaphysical properties make it the perfect stone for Hecate to cast upon to assist you with development of your psychic senses (with the primary focus being clairaudience and telepathy of course). She took Eudialyte and weaved in her own powerful energy, consequently enhancing its natural capabilities, to assist you further with the development of clairaudience. This mighty stone can be the revival your third eye needs to get your psychic juices flowing again, thus enabling you to communicate and interact more efficiently with your companions.


Directions on how to use this stone will be provided in a PDF and sent to your email.