Hecate's Psychic Charm

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On the eve of the blue moon, the Goddess of witchcraft Hecate created a charm that serves three purposes. Upon these beautiful larvikite stones, she weaved in her potent energies, as well as, the magickal blue moon energies to create an enchanting charm that can enhance your psychic abilities, still your mind to boost meditation and stimulate your inner visions. All three of these aspects can work in tandem with one another.


Lavarkite naturally possesses the ability to enhance psychic abilities, quite the mind for the purpose of meditation, and stimulate inner visions to see yourself through the eyes of your higher self. Thus enabling you to peer into past lives and see how they are affecting the now you (excellent for shadow and past life regression work). Hecate not only awakened these aspects within the larvikite stones, but she also gave it a mighty boost. With the added energies of this powerful lunar goddess and the strong rare blue moon energies, this magickal charm can assist you into a meditative state so you can connect to your higher self and awaken your inner visions, as well as, enhance your psychic abilities.


Note: It is not necessary to work with all three aspects of this stone. If you only want to meditate to do shadow work or just use the charm to enhance your psychic abilities that is alright.


Furthermore, as with all of Eden’s Apple Charms, when you are working with the charm it can help you to form a connection with its creator if you so desire.