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To celebrate many of our favorite holiday, Halloween, we are creating a frightening Infernal Realm for all you horror lovers and brave people out there. This realm will only be offered seasonally, akin to our sought after Oujia Board Conjures. The realm will be designed by Eve and created by Lucifer. It will be filled with terrifying creatures, entities, and things that go bump in the night. Some will be created (these will be our horror film characters such as Freddy, Jason, Michael, Pin Head, etc.) The rest will be Infernal beings. Your fears can become your reality here! No longer will you have to wait for Halloween to experience the adrenaline rush of being horror-stricken. You can become the main character in your own “horror movie”. You need only to travel to your Infernal Realm. 


There will be haunted houses, castles, mazes, cemeteries, caves, and many pathed forests to explore. Petrifying sights and beings await your arrival as you turn the corner.  You will see spine chilling predators hunting frightening prey. You will be chased. You too will be stalked like prey. Creatures with long bloody teeth will try to mull you as they chase you down. Bloodthirsty creatures will try to take a bite. Decrepit beings will follow you around, unexpectedly grab you, and deliver a sinister jump scare. If you are traveling with a group of companions you may even be separated from them at times. Are you brave enough to face the terror?


There will be rules for this horror game. There will be one location in your realm where you will be totally safe from anyone coming near you. This will be a safe house that only you or your Infernal companions can enter. There will be a shield around your safety net extending roughly 50 feet from the house. You will be given a safe word in case it gets too intense. This word will stop any predator within a 10-foot radius in their tracks and return you to the safe place, the same place you arrive at your realm in. From there you can return home or prepare yourself to seek another thrill. We should also note that the beings of this Horror Realm can not actually harm you, but they can create illusions to make you think your life is in danger. We advise you to remember your safe word.

Confused about the price difference of this realm opposed to Lucifer's Infernal realms? These ones are not customizable nor do they have the same benefits as the other realms we offer. This realm was created in the Infernal for playing in. Furthermore, this is a shared vast realm where all who purchase access to the Horror Realm will be able to play in it.


NOTE: You must be able to astral travel or astral project to access your realm. You will also be gifted with a companion guide to help you access and navigate the realm.

WARNING: Dare you to play this horror game, Eden’s Apple is not responsible for any nightmares or trauma that may or may not occur from your experience. This realm is NOT for the faint of heart. It is terrifying and designed to scare you. It is for only the brave horror lovers. If you find this Horror Realm is too frightening, please be advised that once purchased, this listing is non-refundable. You have been warned, proceed to check out with caution.