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Imps ~ are basically demonic fairies. They have the ability to shapeshift from the size of an ant to three feet tall. They are found in every realm of the Inferno. Imps tend to be adorable little tricksters that constantly joke around with one another and their keeper. Imps bring such joy in times of despair if you have a playful personality.

Imps also work well with illusionary magick. It is this very capability that enables them to be such avid tricksters. They can hide from your eyes something, creating the illusion it is not there. For example, ever lay an object somewhere and go back for it but it's gone? Minutes later the object "shows up" right where you left it? Perhaps the object never left that spot. Maybe a trickster like an Imp is playing a game with you, creating the illusion that the object is missing from the spot you left it. Though illusionary magick is fun for Imps it can be useful to have a companion capable of such abilities.

Many Imps are hyperactive, always flying around subtly changing things in your environment, trying to catch your attention. A curtain may slightly move, a light flicker perhaps, Oh and let’s not forget about the hiding of objects. Should you keep an Imp, remember to give them attention. If you ignore them you may find objects misplaced, as they watch you search and laugh at your efforts. Priestess Eve's Imp once took a block of cheese, yes a block of cheese that she just bought to use for dinner. Two months later it popped up, right where she left it, untouched and intact. It is just their mischievous way of saying ” Hey what about me?” They make great companions for those who do not mind an active companion who is all about their keeper.

Imps are perfect for those who are new to demonic companions or are timid of demons. Having an Imp will give you a small dose of demonic energy, so you can get a feel for it without overwhelming yourself with such strong energy that entities bring. These fun-loving, pranksters are a must have to every spiritual family.

Many have tiny horns atop their heads, little bat-like wings with a matching tail. Some do not have any, or just one or two. Just like shapeshifters, their looks vary because they have limited ability to alter their appearance to fit their needs or preference. Imps skin colors vary as well. When Imps communicate, their voices are teeny. So you must pay close attention when they speak.


Artwork created by DeeArtLover