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Imp are mischievous entities that can transform their size from that of an ant to three feet tall. They inhabit all corners of the Inferno and bring joy to their keeper with their light-hearted antics. Those with a playful nature will delight in the presence of these basically daemonic fairies.

Imps excel at illusionary magick, making them excellent tricksters. They can, for instance, create the illusion that an object is missing from a spot you placed it in, where in reality it had never left. This ability can be useful for an Imp's companion, as it allows them to experience their jests firsthand.

Many Imps exhibit hyperactive behavior, such as subtly changing aspects of their environment to catch one's attention. You may see curtains move, lights flicker, or objects go missing. Therefore, it is important to provide them with the attention they deserve. Eve's Imp once took a block of cheese and two months later it reappeared in the same place, untouched. This is often their way of asking for acknowledgement from their keeper. As lively companions, they make great additions to any home for those who don't mind a spirited companion.

Imp are an ideal choice for those just beginning to explore the realm of daemonic energy or those who find it intimidating. Imps provide a gentle introduction to daemonic power, allowing you to become accustomed to its presence without feeling overwhelmed. Adopting an Imp will add an amusing, mischievous energy to your spiritual environment.

Imps appear in various colors with differing textures. Many Imps have small horns atop their heads, coupled with bat-like wings and tail. While some lack these features, others have one or two. Imps possess limited shapeshifting ability, their forms varying due to needs or preferences. The creatures also have a range of skin colors. When communicating, their voices are small, so attentive listening is necessary.


Artwork created by DeeArtLover