Infernal Bat

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Infernal Bats fly amidst the Infernal taking residency wherever there are complementing vibrational frequencies. Their decisions are not based upon beauty, for with their eyes they do not see. They rely on other senses to make their way around the mountains, trees, geological constructs, and over roaring seas.


Infernal Bats are creatures of darkness, their perception is keen. They know their surroundings well without using eyes to see. When traveling about, they project a frequency into the air, that enables them to discern when it is safe to proceed without care. When faced with danger they can fight or flee, if fight, they will use the might of their great frequency. Causing torment to the ears and pain to the body, the Infernal Bat can bestow a halting injury. 


If you struggle with perception and are oblivious to your surroundings, Infernal Bats can assist you in bringing light to your darkness. We speak in metaphor, they will not act as your flashlight, but having these bats as your companion can bring you great insight.


Working with an Infernal Bat can help you perceive that which goes unseen, your shadow self will emerge, it won't be serene. You will be faced with your darkness and you will be given a choice, accept and embrace who you are or keep suffocating your inner voice. This journey can be onerous, but not anything you can’t accomplish. To stay in denial of one’s self would only be foolish. Are you courageous enough to stare your shadows in the face?  Fully embrace thyself, of course, at your own pace.


Infernal Bats assist with self-reflection, awareness, perception, and bringing your shadow self to the surface. They can also promote creativity and protect you from lesser beings, but their main purpose for stepping forth is to help you in the areas stated above.


Infernal Bats appear with black as night fur and stand about three feet tall with a leathery wingspan of roughly six feet. Similar to the Infernal birds, bats have flames that extend from the tips of their wings and glowing eyes. Some bats have horns and some do not.


Infernal Bats come with a different type of biography consisting of several, unique to each bat, paragraphs, with a few other paragraphs being the same. This because they are all here to help with the same thing. Nonetheless, it is still a detailed biography consisting of 1-2 pages. 

Fun fact: The Infernal Bats influenced our creativity while writing this listing. That is how we ended up with a poetic listing.


~~~ The Infernal Bat is an Eden's Apple Original listing~~~