Infernal Hound

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Infernal Hounds are common bestials seen across many Infernal Realms. Size and age differences between each hound vary, but all are dangerous protectors and act in ways reminiscent of Earthly Dogs. Telepathic communication is only one of their many capabilities; Infernal Hounds demonstrate keen intelligence as well. These devoted guardians specialize in defending their keeper and their home. Royal estate protection is common in daemonic realms, and Infernal Hounds are typically up to the task. Such hounds are unparalleled in their loyalty and readiness to protect. Threats and intruders are either deterred by the heavy, eerie aura the hound emits, or by the sheer force. In either case, these hounds don't rest until their charge is safe.

Infernal Hounds derive genuine pleasure from spending time on Earth alongside their human companions. They have the capacity to faithfully accompany you throughout the day, providing a protective shield. Additionally, they can remain at your residence, diligently guarding and safeguarding your home. Their presence is particularly advantageous when it comes to ensuring the safety of children. The instinctive duty of protecting others lies deep within their essence, and they take great pride in fulfilling this purpose. Merely instruct your loyal hound to stand vigilant and shield your child as they rest peacefully.

Infernal Hounds, like the various species of dogs on Earth, come in a wide range of sizes and appearances. One striking physical characteristic that sets them apart is their fiery coat. While some Hounds possess an entire coat engulfed in flames, others have specific sections highlighted with fire. The color of the flames varies according to their breed. While not all Infernal Hounds display a blaze emanating from their coats, every Hound we offer at Eden's Apple possesses this remarkable feature.

If you have physical pets, there's no need to worry. Infernal Hounds are able to get along with all types of earthly pets. For instance, Priestess Eve has a dog that usually doesn't like other animals. However, when her Infernal Hound is around, her dog happily accepts its presence.

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