Infernal Hound

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Infernal Hounds ~ are demonic hounds found throughout the Infernal Realms. These hounds vary in size and age. They are quite the protective familiar and act similarly to our Earthly realm Dogs. Infernal Hounds can communicate through telepathy and are quite intelligent. They typically specialize in guarding and protecting their keeper and their keeper’s dwellings. We have seen Infernal Hounds guarding royal estates, quite viciously in the demonic realms. These hounds are loyal to the end and will not stop at anything when it comes to protecting their keeper. They make avid guards and protectors in this realm and the astral realms. They can scare off potential threats and intruders by shielding and emitting a heavy, eerie aura to the point where the intruder knows someone powerful is watching and often backs away. If that does not work Infernal Hounds incorporate their fire into the shield, burning any who dare to cross the threshold. Thus ensuring their companion is safe from harm.

These Hounds actually enjoy spending time in this realm, with their companion. They can follow you around shielding you all day, or stay in your house shielding and guarding your home. They are especially great to have around when you have children. Guarding is in their soul, it is what they have found a purpose for and pride themselves in doing such. Simply direct your hound to guard and shield your child as they sleep.

Infernal Hounds come in all shapes and sizes, similar to our different species of dogs on Earth. One physical trait that the Hounds share is their coat of fire. Some, their entire coat is on fire while others only have parts of their coat outlined in fire. The color of fire varies depending on their breed. Not all Infernal Hounds coats have a blaze of fire extending from them, but all of the Infernal Hounds we offer from Eden's Apple do.

Have Earthly dogs? No worries Infernal Hounds get along with all Earthly pets. Priestess Eve has a dog who does not like other animals, however, when her Infernal Hound comes around, her dog is accepting of it.

~~~ The Infernal Hound is an Eden's Apple Original listing ~~~