Asmodeus' Infernal Oil of Seduction

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Available only during the Valentine's Day event, Lord Asmodeus has helped create a wearable Infernal Oil of Seduction. Do you dream of becoming a sultry tempter/temptress? Our Infernal Oil of seduction can help boost your charisma and sex appeal to aid with transmuting your energy to help capture your target’s desire. When you wear Asmodeus’ Infernal Oil of Seduction, you can embody a fiery passion empowering you with the alluring energy of the Infernal. Do you want to tap into the seductive energy currents of the Infernal and entice your target?


Notes: Photo is for example only, however, this oil will appear similar. Infernal Oils are made to order with a coconut oil base, added essential oils and crystals to give a boost in potency. This oil has a shelf life of 1 year. Please indicate if you have any allergies at check out in the special instructions section.