Infernal Owl

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The Infernal Owl is a dark witch’s best friend. On this path of self-empowerment, we must face ourselves so we can grow. There often lies a shadow within that we keep buried deep down, a part of us hidden that we subconsciously ignore. These behaviors or memories often hinder our spiritual growth. An Infernal Owl can help you to see your true dark self, your shadow self.  Due to the Owls nocturnal nature, they have keen sight into darkness. Death and rebirth are the keys to transformation. The Owls can guide you to rid yourself of old habits or old emotions, obstacles that hold you back, in order to make way for new beginnings, things that will be useful to you so you may grow spiritually.

These divine birds, I like to call Shadow Owls. They swoop down into the shadows and come back imparting wisdom. It is best to work with your Infernal Owl through meditation. There exists a certain wisdom that comes from meditation, and your Infernal Owl can help you grasp this wisdom. When you are in a meditative state, it allows your Owl to peer deep within your darkness to bring to light what you need to work on. Your wise Owl can guide you to set free from yourself that which holds you back. This allows room for spiritual growth. It is when you are truly quiet that your soul can be heard.

Infernal owls have strong intuitive abilities, it is no wonder why they are a witches best friend. Just like an Owl, we witches rely much on intuition. We have learned to listen to that little voice (that is sometimes screaming) in the back of our minds. Or that knot in our stomach that is telling us something is not quite right. If you are looking for a boost in your intuitive skills, having an Infernal Owl in your spiritual family is a must. Don’t be surprised when you begin to notice you are able to pick up things that you normally wouldn’t have before. It is just your intuition growing thanks to your Owl.

The shadow vision of the Infernal Owl coupled with their strong intuitive skills makes them wonderful detectors of illusion. They can easily sense people’s motives. The Owls can see through other’s masks, into their deceit, and inform you of untrustworthy people and their bad intentions. Infernal Owls can prevent you from getting into dangerous situations with people and save you from pursuing (undesirable) relationships, that will only crumble and hinder your growth.

If you practice divination or wish to learn, the Infernal Owl can guide you towards accurate predictions. When you practice divination with your Owl by your side you will notice a favorable difference in your outcomes. Whether you use runes, tarot cards, scrying mirrors, pendulums, I Ching coins, bones, flames, wax or anything of the likes, an Infernal Owl can assist you by transmitting to you their abilities of wisdom, intuition and peering through the veil.

Infernal Owls like to fly in stealth. They do not typically bare flames except when in battle. Only then do they have flaming wings and fire in their eyes. Other than that their colors and sizes vary, but their eyes do glow red.

Infernal Owls communicate mainly through telepathy and meditation, however, they can also communicate via dreams and divination tools.



~~~ The Infernal Owl race is an Eden's Apple Original listing~~~