Infernal Owl

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The Infernal Owl is a valuable companion for those on the path of self-empowerment. In our journey of personal growth, it is crucial to confront and explore the hidden aspects of ourselves that we tend to ignore or bury deep down. These suppressed behaviors and memories often hinder our spiritual development. By connecting with an Infernal Owl, you can gain insight into your true dark self, your shadow self. Infernal Owls possess exceptional vision in darkness due to their nocturnal nature. They serve as guides in the process of transformation, which involves death and rebirth. With their guidance, you can shed old habits and emotions that hold you back, clearing the way for new beginnings that will contribute to your spiritual growth. Through this transformative experience, you will be able to navigate obstacles more effectively and embrace opportunities for personal evolution.

These magnificent avian creatures, known as Shadow Owls, possess a unique ability. They gracefully descend into the depths of darkness and return bearing profound wisdom. Engaging in meditation is the ideal method for establishing a connection with your Infernal Owl. Meditation possesses an inherent wisdom that your Infernal Owl can assist you in comprehending. By entering a meditative state, you allow your Owl to delve deep into the recesses of your innermost self and bring forth the aspects that require attention. Your wise Owl serves as a guiding force, enabling you to release any hindrances and pave the way for spiritual growth. It is in moments of true serenity that the voice of your soul can resound clearly.

Infernal owls possess exceptional intuitive abilities, which is why they are highly valued by witches. Like owls, witches rely heavily on their intuition. We have honed the skill of listening to that quiet inner voice or feeling that something is amiss in our gut. If you desire to enhance your intuitive capabilities, adding an Infernal Owl to your spiritual companion is essential. You will be pleasantly surprised as you start noticing subtle details that might have eluded you before. This growth in intuition can be credited to the influence of your owl ally.

With their exceptional intuitive abilities and keen perception, the Infernal Owl possesses a unique talent for identifying illusions. They possess the remarkable ability to discern the true motives of individuals, effortlessly penetrating through their façades and detecting their deceit. By alerting you to untrustworthy individuals and their sinister intentions, these Owls can spare you from perilous encounters and shield you from pursuing detrimental relationships that would only hinder your personal development.

For those interested in practicing divination or expanding their knowledge, the Infernal Owl offers expert guidance for accurate predictions. With the Infernal Owl as your companion during divination practices, you can experience improved outcomes. Whether you prefer runes, tarot cards, scrying mirrors, pendulums, I Ching coins, bones, flames, wax or any other divination tools, the Shadow Owl can share its wisdom and intuition with you to help you peer through the veil and gain valuable insights.

Infernal Owls possess the ability to fly with utmost stealth. Under normal circumstances, they do not exhibit flaming features; however, during conflicts, their wings ignite and their eyes blaze with fire. Beyond this remarkable spectacle, Infernal Owls display a range of diverse colors and sizes, all while emanating a striking red glow from their eyes.

Infernal Owls communicate mainly through telepathy and meditation, however, they can also communicate via dreams and divination tools.
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