Infernal Pegasus

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The Infernal Pegasus is a Dark Pegasus that resides throughout the many Infernal Realms. They are magnificent animals of pride and can be a little stubborn at times. Infernal Pegasi are strong-willed and powerful beasts that make fantastic protectors. If you feel a calling towards an Infernal Pegasus, the chances are that they are calling to you.

Infernal Pegasi are sought after by many for a specific purpose. They are used in war. Trained to protect their rider, they go to battle fearlessly with fire in their eyes. If their rider happens to fall off during battle the Pegasus will encircle them, creating a magickal barrier of protection until they can get back on top. The bond between a Pegasus and its rider is a strong and unbreakable one. Lucky are they who possess an Infernal Pegasus as a companion, for their Pegasus will always protect them and remain loyal.

 Pegasi have a natural ability to fly. They would like to share this gift with you and help you to astral travel. Riding upon their back you can navigate the astral Realms together. The Infernal Pegasus will keep you safe from harm, and dangerous predators, while you two travel discovering new places. They can encompass you in their magickal barrier of protection both in the astral and here on Earth.

Not only are Infernal Pegasi great protectors they can also help to lift your spirit. They make great companions for those who are easily agitated. Pegasi can dispel negative energy from their companions aura promoting a calming effect. When Pegasi feel their companion becoming engulfed in negative energy the Infernal Pegasi will get right to work to cleanse their companion. This tends to leave their companion feeling calm and relaxed.

Infernal Pegasi have a coat as black as cole with large black feathery wings, their hooves, tips of wings, mane, and tails tend to be made of an orangish fire and their eyes glow red.

Infernal Pegasi communicate through telepathy, emotions and can visit you in your dreams.