Infernal Sea Serpent

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Infernal Sea Serpent ~ are demonic serpents that live in the various seas of the Infernal Realms. Though they can be dangerous, the ones we offer obviously are safe and will not harm you or those you love. Just like a python, they crush their prey before consumption. Depending on the serpent’s size and the size of the prey, they might just swallow their prey whole.

The sly senses of an Infernal Sea Serpent allow them to help you slither through your obstacles and crush them as they appear in your path. They are the bearers of wisdom, of the depths of water, as well as land. They make zealous guides and protectors on Earth and in the Astral. You may need a guide and a protector, for there are many malevolent creatures in the inferno just waiting for the perfect prey. A curious outsider that wanders into the Inferno makes a fun toy or a tasty snack. Having an Infernal Sea Serpent keeper to travel along your side on is a marvelous asset because you know you will be safe.

Infernal Sea Serpents can help you to astral travel. They have the ability to open portals. Just tell your Sea Serpent where you wish to go and they can use their graceful slithers to help you reach the currents of your astral destination, open a portal and guide you to your destination, all while protecting you from potential threats.

If you are new to Astral Traveling or enjoy traveling frequently, having an Infernal Sea Serpent to travel with you is a great asset. They will keep you protected and guided while you travel worry-free in the Astral.

Infernal Sea Serpents communicate telepathically just like other infernal beasts and come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors.



~~~ The Infernal Sea Serpent race is an Eden's Apple Original listing~~~