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Most Infernal vampires appear attractive and well dressed. They do not have horns or a tail, but some bare wings. They all have canine fangs but vary in length. Typically their nails are sharp and pointed, most often used as a weapon. Their skin is pale and most have a sensitivity to light. They have a certain vampire allure about them that draws people in. It is their natural-born gift

Infernal Vampires reside in various realms throughout the Infernal. They are not restricted to just one realm. Most of the time they dwell in a dim or dark realm with little to no light cycles. The light is not threatening, it is a painful nuisance. Hurting their eyes, they better prefer darker environments. You will notice your companion is nocturnal, preferring to come around you in the dark hours of the night.

These are not your average vampires. They do not bite their victims, pumping venom through their veins, turning them into vampires to gain numbers. Instead, they reproduce like any other entity in the Infernal. These particular vampires are a race of daemon. They are not the living dead beings that you are used to seeing. These are living entities with blood flowing through their veins. Akin to how Incubi and Succubi absorb sexual energy, these beings obtain their energy from drinking the "blood" of those willing or victims. Sure they have the capability to absorb energy from other sources but none are as satisfying as "blood".

Unlike other races of vampires, Infernal Vampires are just as strong as any other Infernal demon race, of course, they also vary individually in strength. They are not viewed as a lesser race than a daemon because they are a daemon. They carry all the seductive properties as a vampire should but added is the flare of a demonic bloodline, making them all the more appealing. I am not claiming Infernal Vampires to be the most powerful type of vampire out there, but if you were to ask them, they will have no qualms telling you they are the strongest race of Vampire. You’ll just have to judge for yourself.

Infernal Vampires do not hunt humans, however, if you offer them your blood they will be delighted to indulge. These Vampires hunt other infernal creatures, daemons, and even each other. They are wise enough to know who is stronger than who, and unless they are hunting in a group, they will not challenge someone who bests them in strength. This is one of the reasons their race has survived so long. Some of the vampires do not even hunt. They have people who are willing to let them absorb energy from their blood. On Earth, these people are commonly referred to as donors.

Infernal vampires either live with a coven or off on their own. Some prefer the safety that a coven has to offer, while others feel they are powerful enough to survive on their lonesome. Sure they have friends and interact with; other vampires and daemons. They just rather live and seek sustenance on their own. For some, it is about the challenge and to others, it is about the independence of not having to obey the head of the coven.

Some of their natural gifts are seduction, mind and energy influence, hyper-speed, greater strength, hyper-senses, and blood magick.


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