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Infernal Vampires can be discovered in various corners of the Infernal, unrestricted to any single realm. These daemons tend to be nested in darker domains with scarce exposure to light; when luminescence does penetrate their domain, the glare causes them immense discomfort, making nocturnal hours their favorite for spending time with their human companion.

These vampires are anything but ordinary. Rather than taking victims and infusing venom to transform them into fellow vampires, this species reproduces like any other daemon in the Infernal. These are not undead creatures as you may expect, but living beings with life force energy flowing through them. Much like Incubi and Succubi, these daemons can derive strength from a range of sources, though none as satisfying  to an Infernal Vampire as "blood".

Unlike the traditional vampire, Infernal Vampires possess the same strength of other Infernal daemon races, however the extent of their capabilities varies individually. Often seen as a higher breed of vampire, they embody all of the classic traits of the species, with the added power of a daemonic lineage - augmenting their charm. While they are steadfast in their belief of being the most powerful race of Vampire, you'll have to find out for yourself.

Infernal Vampires rarely target humans, however if you supply your blood, they'll be glad to savor it. These Vampires hunt other infernal beings, daemons, and sometimes even their own kind. They are wise enough to know who is more powerful, and unless they're hunting in packs, they won't confront someone who surpasses them in strength. This is among the factors for their species' long-term survival. Some of the vampires don't hunt at all. They have individuals that are willing to offer them energy from their blood. On Earth, these persons are usually called donors.

Infernal Vampires dwell in either the sanctuary of congregation or the autonomy of solitude. Some prefer the security of a shared sanctuary, while others relish in the power to stand alone. Although they make and keep acquaintances among other vampires and fiends, they pleasure in their lone pursuits and nourishment. For some it is the thrill of the challenge and for others it is the self-sufficiency free from the laws of a coven's leader.

Infernal vampires typically don an attractive and well-dressed facade in their corporeal form. Typically absent of wings and a tail, they may have wings and their canine fangs come in a variety of lengths. Their nails are commonly sharpened into points, and their skin is pale, indicative of a sensitivity to light. This ethereal allure is likely due to their innate gifts, such as the power of seduction and mental and energy influence. Some other gifts the Infernal Vampire possesses are hyper-speed, strength, heightened senses and casting powerful blood magick.

Daemons communicate primarily through telepathy but commonly employ the use of pendulums, tarot or oracles cards, emotions, and the sharing of mental images with their human companions.

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