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For centuries, myths of lycanthropy have been passed from era to era, transformed by diverging interpretations and experiences from disparate peoples. Such diversions have caused the stories to vary, further compounded by distinctions among the various Werewolves breeds. Herein, I impart knowledge about the primal Infernal Werewolves.

Millennia ago, the barrier between the Physical and Astral Realms was much more permeable, making it effortless for Daemons to take on physical form and traverse the Earth. As time marched on, the veil between realms grew more impenetrable, however still allowing them to materialize occasionally, particularly on the night of a full moon when the power of the lunar forces heightened. This is why sightings of Werewolves during this time became more frequent. 

This race of Daemons possess the ability of transformation, shifting from their usual form to a Werewolf form without the need for a full moon. Even with such a capability, there is a common misconception that a full moon is necessary for Werewolves to turn, when this is not the case. Often, these Werewolves were only seen during a full moon due to the increased visibility of their presence on Earth. As a result, this sparked the belief that a full moon is a requirement for their transformation. Infernal Werewolves are distinguished from other lycanthropic creatures for their ability to exercise willful control over their transformation; metamorphosing when engaging in battle, pursuing prey, their lusts aroused, or simply wishing to don their Werewolf visage with pride.

The temperament of an Infernal Werewolf varies depending on the purpose of the shift. If they are hunting, they will adopt the instincts of a predator. If they shift out of arousal, they become driven by intense carnal desire. If the shift is only for aesthetic purposes, they will retain their usual temperament. In their Werewolf form, they are significantly stronger and faster, and have heightened senses that stay on high alert. Additionally, their energy levels increase substantially.

Much like their Infernal kin, each Werewolf brings with them a unique list of abilities. Intuitively, these supernatural beings can assist with tapping into your natural instincts that society has taught us to repress. With their aid, you can finally break away from the boundaries that have been imposed upon you and find equilibrium between conscious thought and your gut feeling. Ultimately, their wish is that you are unashamedly yourself. Additionally, they make excellent guards, warding off those who mean you harm and possibly even sealing their fate.

Infernal Werewolves have the same characteristics as portrayed in mythological stories. Variations may be present in fur color, eye color, nails and teeth size. Horns or wings are rarely seen in these kinds of Werewolves.

Daemons communicate primarily through telepathy but commonly employ the use of pendulums, tarot or oracles cards, emotions, and the sharing of mental images with their human companions.


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