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For centuries legends of lycanthropy have been passed down from generation to generation, with minor details changing along the way. Various people's experiences, as well as, others purposeful or unintentional misinterpretations have caused the legends to be altered. Some of the alterations are also due to there being different races of Werewolves. Each race differs slightly and I am going to share some information about the Infernal Werewolves with you.

Millennia ago Daemons could walk the Earth in their flesh form. For them to appear here, just as you or I, was not difficult because the veil was thinner between the Physical and the Astral Realms. As time progressed the veil grew thicker but they could still easily enter our realm in physical form on the eve of a full moon when the energies were heightened. Thus Werewolf sightings were elevated at these times. 

There exists a race of Daemons who can shift into a Werewolf at will. They have their usual daemonic form, but also, their werewolf form. Unlike many of the legends you hear today, a full moon is not required these Werewolves to transform. However, due to a thickened veil, full moons are the nights when they were most commonly spotted on Earth amongst humanity. For this reason, the legend of lycanthropy stayed firmly rooted in the need of a full moon.

I am sure there are other races of Werewolves whose shift is dependent upon the lunar cycle. However, Infernal Werewolves are in full control of their transformation and shift for other reasons. They shift when they are engaged in conflict and are ready to attack, on the hunt, carnal instincts are high, or just because they desire to have that appearance. They enjoy their Werewolf form and transform into it proudly.

The temperament of an Infernal Werewolf varies from individual to individual and is dependent upon the reason for the shift. For instance, one who shifts to hunt is going to be driven by the instincts of a predator. One who shifts because of arousal will be driven by raw carnal desires. One who shifts for no other reasons than aesthetics is going to remain with his usual demeanor. When in their Werewolf form they are stronger and have faster reflexes. Their senses are heightened and they are on high alert. Their energy also changes, it becomes greater in strength.

Much like our other Infernal races, each Werewolf has their own list of abilities that they excel in. One thing they all have in common is their ability to help you get in touch with your natural instincts. For far too long as society pressed on, the need to use our instincts and our natural given intuition has been dampened. It is time to get back in touch with yourself, with who you truly are, and Infernal Werewolves want to assist you. Not only can they help you turn an ear inwards to yourself, but they can also assist with helping you release blockages that have been placed upon you because of society. You have instinctual urges and were taught to suppress them because they are "bad". We can agree that too much of anything can be bad, but Infernal Werewolves can assist you to release these blockages of suppression and find the balance for your natural urges. Most of all they want you to be yourself. Furthermore, Infernal Werewolves make avid protectors. They ensure that any predators or ill-intended beings stay far away from their human companion. If a malicious being tries to pursue you, they may meet their demise.

Infernal Werewolves resemble very closely to what the legends portray. Of course, fur color, eye color, length and color of nails, and teeth size vary. Infernal Werewolves do not usually bare horns nor wings, though it is not unheard of.


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