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Have you wanted to work with another Dark Lord but are unsure of what to present to them oAr have you ever wanted the convenience of finding all of the offerings to present to the said Dark Lord in one kit? Well, you're in luck! I have taken the time to gather the necessary material and proper offerings for you. No need to shop around from store to store to gather your supplies, for I have put together complete Invocation Kits for four Mighty Goetic Kings; Lord Ba’el, Lord Paimon, Lord Asmoday, and Lord Belial. These convenient kits each have enough offerings for at least two invocations and include:

    • A corresponding sigil with the enn inscribed on the back that has been made out of metal and programmed to vibrate on the frequency of the Dark Lord

    • A metal inverted pentagram that has been programmed to a specific time and day to capture the energy  best to invoke said Dark Lord

    • A spelled ceramic candle holder that is color coordinated with said Dark Lord’s element to vibrate the burning candle with a stronger frequency

    • Two corresponding 4-inch taper candle that has been imbued with Divine Demonic Energy

    • Stones and crystals have been aligned with the Dark Lord's frequency and programmed to collect minuscule amounts of energy every time they are used to invoke him. (This keeps the gems aligned with the Dark Lord for many many years.)

    • An  herb that has been hand-picked by said Dark Lord and empowered by me to enhance the vibrational frequencies of the offering

    • A  resin that had been hand pick by said Dark Lord and empowered by me to enhance the vibrational frequencies of the offering

    • An incense hand pick by the Dark Lord and empowered by me to enhance the vibrational frequencies of the offering

    • One Herbal Dhoop Coal (to burn the herbs and resin on) 

    • One Demonic friendly smudging stick to cleanse yourself and the area before invoking said Dark Lord.

    • One handmade wooden 13 X 12 X 5.5 cm box blessed and enchanted by the Dark Lord himself to align the offerings placed inside with his energies for future uses. 


All of the included items in the Invocation kit have been collected, imbued, empowered and/or programmed to give a very comprehensive offering to the Dark Lord of your choosing. This is one of the best and most complete Invocation Kits you will come across. In fact, I have not seen such a kit offered that has so much detail and energy invested into it like this one. Every item is crafted to compliment each other and delicately designed in a way that gives a special meaning to the word "offering". The amount of time and energy invested in your kit is bound to please the Dark Lord.


Although this kit does include wonderful offerings, you may add your own special touch by incorporating personal offerings, as some Dark Lords require offerings that come directly from you.


Pre-order your kit today for the discounted price of $159.99! There is currently only one kit available for each Goetic King; Bael, Belial, Asmoday, and Paimon. More will be made when the time and energy conditions are right again.


It is expected that you are familiar with the demonic invocation process before you purchase your kit. Do not purchase these kits if you have not worked with a Dark Lord before or have no intention to commit to working with said Dark Lord. Goetic Kings are very powerful entities and can assist you in a multitude of ways, but there is proper etiquette involved when invoking a Dark Lord. Some dedication is required when you wish to invoke and work with a Dark Lord. You have been warned


NOTE: The sigil with the enn engraved on the back, the candle holder, the inverted pentagram, and the crystals/stones will continue to be attuned to the Dark Lord's frequency for future use. Also, these items significantly raise your vibrations when you are chanting his enn. Thus the likelihood of him answering your call is 99.9%. Furthermore, any other items placed inside the box are to be used as offerings for that particular Dark Lord only.


WARNING: Everything in your kit is NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. Some herbs may be poisonous for consumption, do NOT consume herbs. Please handle contents with care and practice fire safety when burning the candles, resin, and herbs. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS!


Eden’s Apple and its affiliates will not be held accountable for any misuse of the contents provided in this kit. By purchasing a kit you agree to these terms.