Legionnaire B

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B emerges from the dark depths of the void waters in Leviathan’s vest realms. These waters are dangerous and predatory, allowing only the strong to survive. B is characterized in his natural form by cobalt blue skin, accentuated with black markings outlined by light blue. In his merman structure, he extends 9 feet from head to tail, the latter of which features beautiful black scales and a pointed black fin. His long black hair flows with the currents of the ocean while atop his forehead sits a pair of sleek, forward-spiraling horns. B’s eyes are solid black and covered by a transparent protective film. The sharp contours of his face complement his pointed ears and teeth. Additionally, B possesses a double set of fangs designed for efficiently tearing into the flesh of prey, enhancing his predatory capabilities. Completing his aquatic adaptations are webbed fingers tipped with talon-like claws.

As Legionnaire B shifts into his transformed state, his tail undergoes an intriguing metamorphosis, splitting into eight writhing black tentacles. Each tentacle is adorned with razor-sharp beaks at their tips, perfect for slicing through enemies in battle or capturing prey while hunting. The menacing sight of these tentacles instills fear in his adversaries, as they know the deadly capability they possess. However, B has the ability to control whether or not he wants to have the added beaks on his tentacles, giving him the flexibility to adapt to various situations.

The empowered Aquatic Shifter Legionnaire B has emerged to guide you on a transformative journey toward self-awareness and personal growth. With his support, you shall gain the strength and courage to accept accountability for your actions, rather than falling into the trap of playing the victim. Through B's wisdom and guidance, you can break free from the pattern of blaming others for your circumstances and take full responsibility for your choices. This shift in mindset will led to a higher state of well-being, as you shall feel empowered and in control of your own life. With B in your life, you will be able to embrace your power and create a more positive and fulfilling existence.

B’s Message: It is time that you cease playing the blame game and begin to bear your responsibilities. Do you desire to be the victor rather than the victim? I comprehend that not all situations are within your control, but some are and you have been shunning your obligations. The transition in perception may be difficult at the outset, but I can offer you counsel. By heeding my guidance and embracing accountability, you can achieve a heightened sense of empowerment, self-awareness, and emotional prosperity, thereby leading to a more optimistic and satisfying existence.

Vessel: .925 Silver Plated Red Tiger’s Eye Pendant

Note: This is a discounted summary binding. A summary binding encourages you to spend time with your companion building a deeper relationship to uncover the more intimate details about their personality and abilities.