Leviathan's Sea Charm

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Like the gentle currents of the sea that wash away murky and stagnant energy, Lord Leviathan's Sea Charm also works to wash away undesirable effects. Created by Eve and energetically perfected by Lord Leviathan's blessing, these talismans were made to heal and soothe emotional trauma.

Lord Leviathan added his powerful energy to give these charms a powerful boost to help you acknowledge, conquer, and heal from past emotional trauma that is still hindering your growth and development today. When working with Leviathan's Sea Charm, the waves may become choppy like the ocean in a thunderstorm, but remember, there is always a calmness after the storm. Allow the relaxing energy of lavender, emotionally healing energy of rose quartz, and Lord Leviathan's incredibly calming energy to wash over you and instill a sense of tranquility and much needed balance within.

To work with Leviathan's Sea Charm to heal and soothe emotional trauma, simply hold it while meditating or sleep with it on a surface close to your bed to align to it. Whichever you choose, much like shadow work, visions or situations surrounding your trauma may begin to present themselves. Only this time you can have the emotional support to help you face and conquer your emotional trauma, thus allowing you to heal from it. Leviathan's Sea Charm was created to provide you the emotional support and comfort to help you through.