Lord Beelzebul’s Ajna Restoration

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This service offers an astral surgery that focuses on restoring the functionality of your ajna, also known as the third eye. By removing the build-up around your ajna, this procedure allows for proper energy flow. The restoration of your ajna is crucial for maintaining healthy and active psychic abilities. To unlock its true potential, it is essential to ensure that your ajna is in good health and free from any blockages. The third eye plays a vital role in enhancing your psychic development, making it indispensable for engaging with metaphysical practices.

Build-up is a term we use to describe the accumulation of negative energy in and around the ajna. This can hinder the flow of life force energy to and from the ajna, resulting in difficulty sensing and interacting with the energies around you, maintaining balance, grounding yourself, casting spells, communicating with astral beings, and connecting with the metaphysical realm. Often, we unknowingly contribute to this build-up ourselves. Additionally, we can absorb negative energy from our surroundings or have it maliciously directed toward us by malevolent individuals or entities. Furthermore, this build-up can be caused by spiritual parasites that attach themselves to your ajna and block the flow of life force energy while feeding off it. It is crucial to eliminate this build-up before attempting to open your ajna and utilize your psychic abilities effectively. By freeing your third eye from build-up, you allow your Kundalini (life force energy) to flow unhindered through your ajna, resulting in a stronger connection to the metaphysical realm and easier utilization of your innate psychic gifts.

At Eden's Apple, we have a carefully designed process to ensure your ajna restoration is successful. Firstly, our expert Lord Beelzebul, also known as Lord Beelzebub, will conduct a thorough scan to assess the extent and nature of any energy build-up you may have. Following the scan, Priestess Eve will promptly email you the results and arrange a suitable time for your ajna restoration session if required. There are no prerequisites before the procedure; however, it is important that you find a quiet and comfortable space where you can relax without disturbances throughout the entire 30-60 minute astral surgery. Please consider this when scheduling your appointment at Eden's Apple.

During the restoration process, Lord Beelzebul will remove any blockages and build-up from your ajna, allowing for a smooth and unrestricted flow of kundalini energy. Additionally, he will address the energetic cords that connect your ajna to your brain, ensuring they are reconnected, flushed, and restored to their original functionality. This restoration will facilitate easier access to your psychic abilities with dedicated practice. Consider your third eye as a muscle that requires exercise to regain strength after a period of inactivity. Similarly, every individual develops at their own pace, with some noticing immediate differences while others may require more time for progress to become apparent.

Once your ajna and its connecting cords are restored, Lord Beelzubul will infuse healing energies to give your ajna a powerful boost, similar to jump-starting a car battery. To complete the process, Lord Beelzubul will ensure that the opening created in your aura for this astral surgery is securely sealed. This step is crucial as it safeguards you from external forces and detrimental energies that may interfere with your kundalini flow and chakras. Rest assured that your aura will be fully repaired and protected during this final stage.

The service provided aims to facilitate the optimal flow of Kundalini energy, promoting a healthy and functioning ajna. The ajna restoration working has been designed to enhance your ability to tap into your psychic potential and connect with the metaphysical realm. Upon completion, you will receive a detailed PDF containing postoperative instructions. It is highly recommended that you adhere to these guidelines for the continuous development of your ajna.