Lord Beelzebul’s Ajna Restoration

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This working is an astral surgery for those who would like to restore their ajna (third eye) to it's original functionality. The working will remove all of the build-up surrounding your ajna so the energies may flow properly. Removing the build-up restores the ajna and, like the mind, an active ajna is a healthy ajna. Your ajna must be healthy and free from the build-up to bring forth its true potential. The third eye controls your psychic development, which is imperative for working with the metaphysical.

What is build up you ask? Build up is typically negative energy that “builds up” in and around the ajna. This negative energy impedes the flow of your life force energy to and from the ajna, making it very difficult to feel the energy around you, balance, ground, cast, communicate with astral beings, and your connection with the metaphysical.  Often times we cause the build-up ourselves, unknowingly. We can also pick up negative energy from low vibrations in our environment or it can be sent to us by a malevolent caster or being. Furthermore, the build-up can actually be caused by a spiritual parasite who has intertwined themselves around your ajna, blocking the flow of your life force energy and feeding off of it. It is very important to remove this build-up before you begin trying to open your ajna and make use of your psychic abilities. With your third eye freed of build-up, your Kundalini (life force energy) can flow freely through your ajna, ensuring a stronger connection to the metaphysical and easier use of your natural psychic abilities.

There are a few steps we take to accomplish this here at Eden’s Apple. First, you will have a scan done to see just how much build-up you have and what kind of build-up it is. This will be performed by a Dark Lord who is very adept in working with energy; Lord Beelzebuth. After your scan, Priestess Eve will email you the results, and if necessary, schedule a time for your ajna restoration to take place. You do not have to take any necessary steps beforehand, but you will need to be laying comfortably in a quiet place relaxed and undisturbed for the duration of the process. The whole astral surgery can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes. Keep this in mind when scheduling your appointment.

During the restoration, Lord Beelzebul will go in and remove all of the blockages and build-up from your ajna allowing your kundalini to flow freely through your ajna. From there he will focus on the energetic cords that connect to your brain from your ajna. These cords will be reconnected, flushed, and restored to their original functionality. This will promote you to access your psychic abilities easier, with practice of course. Think of your third eye as a muscle. If a muscle goes a long time unused, it is weakened and needs exercise to gain strength. The same goes for your ajna. Some people notice a difference right away and some it will take a little bit of time. Everyone develops at a different rate.

After your ajna and the cords connecting from your ajna are restored Lord Beelzubul will weave in healing energies to give your ajna a boost; sort of like jump-starting the battery of a car. For the final step, Lord Beelzubul will secure the opening in your aura made to perform this astral surgery. Your aura will be patched up and closed. This is an important step. It protects you from outside forces and energies getting in and damaging with your flow of kundalini and chakras.

The completion of this service will promote maximum Kundalini flow for a healthy and function ajna. The ajna restoration working was created to make it easier for you to access your psychic abilities and connect to the metaphysical. Upon purchase, you will receive a PDF with postoperative directions. We strongly urge you to follow the directions set forth, as it will be in your best interest for the further development of your ajna.