Lucifer's Infernal Realms

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When the Fallen Angels descended into the Infernal they loathed the aesthetics surrounding their new living space. For this reason, they began to forge their own realms designing wondrous landscapes, waterscapes, and aerial views. Each Dark Lord has their preferences, which is why the Infernal is so intricate. It is expansive with many different types of realms. Some are dark, bright, fiery, watery, hot, cold, and a mix of all in between. Lord Lucifer is a master of creating realms and because of our strong bond and past life connections to him, he has agreed to construct protected Infernal Realms for Eden’s Apple. During this life, between the two of us, we have spent decades working closely with Lord Lucifer. With much gratitude, we present to you your very own custom Infernal Realm; built to your liking.

 We are proud to offer custom realms created by Lord Lucifer just for you! These wonderous realms are located within the Infernal. They are not the common astral realms that you are used to seeing listed in other shops. Our Custom Infernal Divine realms are actually PART OF the Infernal. If you have ever traveled with your Eden’s Apple companion to their realm, you have witnessed a the spectacular beauty of a Dark Lord forged realm. This is what you will be receiving! Amazing right?  Furthermore, We know the Infernal Realms can be a dangerous place filled with dangerous beings. Rest assured, we have taken measures to ensure that your realm will be well protected from intruders. These magnificent realms are vast in size and come with a generous amount of attributes. You can always have more added to your realm if you desire for a small fee.

Your enormous Lucifer forged Infernal Realm will be roughly a 750 square mile globe. To put this into proper perspective for you, there are 640 acres in 1 square mile. Your Infernal Realm will be so large that you could not possibly travel the entire realm in your lifetime. Each realm will include: 

    • A main realm type

    • A day or night theme

    • A skyscape

    • A constant weather

    • A constant Temperature

    • A large housing type

    • Two kinds of waterscapes

    • Three kinds of landscapes

    • Waters stocked with fish

    • Land stocked with pollinating insects such as bees and butterflies

Each landscape and each waterscape comes with up to six custom attributes. For example, one landscape attribute can be a forest densely populated with purple pine trees, which are twenty-six feet tall. In the center of the forest is a clearing with tree stumps positioned in a circle. In the center of the circle is a bright aqua flame that burns steadily. This fire embodies properties of earth, air, fire, and water, and its purpose is for cleansing energy so my companions or I can obtain an elemental cleanse when we walk through it. The ground is covered in a forest green moss with large clear quartz points protruding randomly.


One waterscape attribute can be a river that is saltwater, forest green in color, and flowing uphill. It begins at the sea, flows through the forest, and upward a mountain. At the top of the mountain, it flows down through a sinkhole. The sinkhole leads into an underground river, which returns to the sea. It has lime green flames burning on the surface and the river bed is covered with obsidian tumbled stones.

 You will be provided a list of choices for realm type, weather, temperature, skyscape, waterscape, landscape, and housing type to give you some ideas, but you must describe how you would like it to look. It can be as plain or as intricate as you would like. Each attribute should be anywhere from 3 to 10 sentences in the description and the same goes for choosing a skyscape, weather, landscape, waterscape, and housing type. There is a lot of work that goes into creating these realms. The more information you give us to work with, the better we will be able to provide exactly what you want. 

 You can add extra land/waterscapes, day/night cycles, weather etc at any time for a surcharge of $20 per addition. You can also add animals to your realm! These animals are capable of reproducing. Choose wisely, as this will be akin to an Earthen ecosystem. You do not want to overpopulate nor have too many predatory animals who may kill off your livestock. Below is a list of our animal Packages.

 Starter population options

    1. Family of large 25 animals of your choice (deer, sheep, cow, moose, bear, puma, etc may choose up to three types) for $75

    1. Family of 6 of large aquatic creatures (whales/dolphins/sharks/giant squids) for $50

    1. Mix and match 50 small terrain animals of your choice (squirrels/rabbits/small birds/lizards etc) for $75 or 100 for $100

    1. 100 small aquatic creatures mix and match (starfish, seahorse, jellyfish, oysters, clams, crabs, snails) $75 or 200 for $100

    1. 50 small animals and 100 small aquatic creatures $100

    1. 20 large animals, 40 small animals, 60 small aquatic, and 2 large aquatic creatures $150

All Realms come with an Infernal Owl or Raven, to be your guide to and from your realm, with a portal attached to your companion’s pendent or crystal vessel. They are not your "companion" but you can form a relationship with them if you'd like. They are simply you and your Eden's Apple companion's guide to your realm.

Being involved in the decision-making process with the creation of your Infernal Realm can give you the boost of confidence, if needed, to be able to astral travel or project there. When Lord Lucifer begins creating your realm you will have a direct link to it because you have spent energy focusing on your realm. You have decided what your Infernal Realm will look like, you can already see it in your mind. Just by spending time envisioning what your realm will look like, you have linked yourself to it. The more you think about it, the stronger the link to your Infernal Realm will grow. Furthermore, your Owl or Raven will ensure you do not get lost along the way.

 To all the future Lords and Ladies of their very own Infernal Realm (not to be confused with Dark Lords/Ladies; the Infernal Divine), though there are protective measures in place, it is important that you remember you control who enters your realm. Be careful of the intentions of those you let in. While the wards are in place, those protections will not help you if you invite trouble within.

Confused about the price jump? We no longer are offering these realms at a humongous discounted price. You are purchasing a piece of the Infernal that will last for all of eternity. On Earth you would have to pay millions for such an opportunity. That being said, we have raised the price because these realms were significantly undervalued. Should you be able to access the eternal benefits, there are unimaginable benefits to owning one of these realms. It is for this purpose that the prices were changed. Only those who are serious about having rights to their own section in the Infernal will have access to such a gift from Lord Lucifer. It is with purpose that we are not making these realms easy access for everyone to purchase (as Lord Lucifer directed us to do). You will need to pay to for access to this unprecedented once in a lifetime opportunity.

Furthermore, we would like to, with great honor, announce Lucifer Infernal Realms are an Eden's Apple Original listing and will not be found elsewhere. That means this is something that we have brought forth that has not ever been done or seen before. If you see Infernal Realms listed elsewhere, you might want to do some protected divination on what you are truly receiving.

If you have read this far, then you truly understand what an incredible, once in all your lifetimes, opportunity this is to own your very own "small" portion in the Infernal. Therefore I will let you in on a secret that up until May of 2022 I kept quiet regarding the eternal gift our Infernal Realms have to offer you. If you purchase an Infernal Realm from Eden's Apple, and you have a high ranking powerful companion from Eden's Apple, you can escape the cycle of reincarnation!!! Yes, you read correctly. You absolutely can escape the cycle of reincarnation, no matter where you are at in your life lessons. You can ascend and live eternally in your wonderous, protected, custom built, Infernal Realm with your daemonic companions from Eden's Apple. If you previously wondered why the cost of these realms surged in price, that was when I discovered this secret. If you think about the price in the entirety of what your personal Infernal Realm has to offer you, 5k is not a lot to pay to escape the reincarnation cycle, ascend the Earth Realm, and live eternity, in your own Infernal Realm with your Eden's apple companions, is it? This is the very definition of ascending to Godhood and being the master of your afterlife.


WARNING:  Only true living entities can sustain themselves in Infernal Realms. This means that if you have a companion who is created (servitor, thought form, tulpa, etc) do not invite them to your realm. They will not be able to survive and after a few minutes, will die. Be careful, some shops offer created beings as living entities and we are not responsible for any deaths of your created companions due to your negligence. If you are unsure about your companion's classification, I suggest not inviting them and only sticking to inviting your Eden's Apple companions. You have been warned.