Master Necromancer's Wand

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Constructed with Willow branch and bound with Silver Wire and solder. The Master Necromancer's Wand was constructed under the divine guidance of Dark Lord Belial, and it is with his blessing that I am allowed to pass this on to black practitioner worthy of the hidden dark energy within. 

There are two main Crystals on the handle and the tip.  Belial had instructed this so that the crystal is activated in your hand and channeled to the tip.  

This dark magicians tool is extremely powerful, and is not meant for just anyone.  Please keep this in mind if you decide to purchase. This wand was uniquely designed and blessed by the Dark Lord, and will only go to the one person that he chooses.

  More Custom wands will be coming however do to the time and specific lunar cycles in which they are made availabilities will be limited.