Infernal Raven

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The Infernal Ravens offered at Eden’s Apple are of the Phantasmal breed. Meaning they are indigenous to the Phantasmal Realm where the magick of necromancy is abundant. Infernal Ravens exist throughout the Infernal Realms, however, we chose to use the Ravens from this realm for a particular purpose, to bare messages to and from the spirits of the beyond. Many people grieve the loss of a loved one and are left with unanswered questions, Infernal Ravens can help you obtain the knowledge you are searching for. They can help shed some light during your darkest hours. These necromantic Ravens can assist you with reaching out to your deceased ancestors to seek their wisdom, guidance, and protection.


Infernal Ravens are the messengers of the those who have passed on to a higher existence. It is thArough these specific Ravens and their close link to the realms of the afterlife that we are able to present such a gift to you.


Ravens are highly intelligent and think with great logic. They can act as your advisor and give excellent second opinions. They have a true gift for problem-solving, which can greatly benefit their companion. Caught between should you or shouldn’t you? These dark, insightful, birds can lend a hand, or should we say a wing, to assist you in your decision making.


Ravens make the most wonderful spies. They have been used by the entities of high status to scout (for various reasons) in their Realms. Flying agile and swiftly through the air, Infernal Ravens often go unnoticed. They can act as the eyes and ears for those they are spying for. With the Raven’s watchful eyes, acute hearing and high intellect not much get past their keen perceptive senses.


Phantasmal Ravens appear black as midnight with red glowing eyes. Sometimes their wings are outlined in a red hellfire that paints the sky as they fly about leaving a beautiful streak of fire in the air. Ravens personalities vary, though, they all seem to be confident, playful, deeply empathetic, and highly intelligent.



~~~ The Infernal Raven race is an Eden's Apple Original listing~~~