Infernal Raven

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Infernal Ravens serve as the conveyors of messages from those who have transcended to a higher plane of existence. It is through these unique Ravens and their intimate connection to the realms of the afterlife that we are privileged to offer these extraordinary bestials to you.

At Eden's Apple, we offer the Phantasmal breed of Infernal Ravens. These ravens are native to the realm Phantasmals hail from, where necromancy is abundant. While there are Infernal Ravens in other realms, we specifically chose the ones from this realm for their ability to carry messages to and from the spirits beyond. We understand that many individuals mourn the loss of loved ones and are burdened with unanswered questions. Our Infernal Ravens can help provide the knowledge you seek during these difficult times. They bring light to your darkest hours by facilitating communication with your deceased ancestors, allowing you access to their wisdom, guidance, and protection.

Phantasmal Ravens possess exceptional intelligence and display remarkable cognitive reasoning abilities. They possess the beneficial ability to offer invaluable advice and provide insightful second opinions. Utilizing their adept problem-solving skills, they can greatly assist their companions in finding solutions. When faced with difficult choices, these perceptive creatures are more than willing to lend a wing to guide and support your decision-making process.

Phantasmal Ravens have proven to be highly effective surveillance agents, utilized by influential individuals to conduct reconnaissance in their domains. Possessing remarkable speed and agility, these Infernal Ravens effortlessly navigate through the skies, often evading detection. Their sharp senses enable them to serve as both vigilant observers and keen eavesdroppers for those they are tasked with spying on. With their watchful gaze, acute auditory abilities, and exceptional intellect, very little can evade the perceptive senses of these cunning creatures..

Phantasmal Ravens are characterized by their black plumage and striking red glowing eyes. On some occasions, their wings exhibit a fiery red outline that illuminates the night sky as they gracefully soar through the air, leaving behind captivating streaks of fire. While each individual Raven possesses its own unique personality, they generally exude confidence, playfulness, profound empathy, and exceptional intelligence.


~~~ The Infernal Raven race is an Eden's Apple Original listing~~~