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The intimidating Pit Daemons are from a realm void of light. This lower Infernal realm is where nightmares are born. Creature-esque entities that go bump in the night emerge from these dark Infernal pits to prey upon unsuspecting victims. This IS considered a black arts realm and we do not recommend you traveling there unless you do not scare easily and enjoy a challenge. Even though most Pit Daemons are black arts, we only bring forth the extremely dark arts entities. They are the only ones of this ghastly realm that are human-friendly and capable of human/daemon companionship.

Pit daemons usually have sinister or horrifying appearances such as razor-sharp teeth, bone spikes protruding from their bodies, teeth in random places, black mist, shadowy, decaying bodies, creature-esque, morbid, and even tentacles or tethers. Their appearances vary vastly and can not all be described here. These entities appear as unnerving black arts beings because they are from a black arts realm. Also, it is worth noting that Pit daemons have extremely dark energy that may be overbearing on the human body (until you adjust). Their energy is thick and heavy.

Pit daemons have darker than usual personalities. Their humor is often macabre and their sarcasm is high. They are not typically lovey-dovey, but for the right human, the Pit daemons will be affectionate. Pits are better suited for human companions who have “thick skin”; those who can handle constructive criticism. They speak rather direct and sometimes crass; seeming as though they lack empathy. However, Pits just happen to be rather point-blank, matter-of-fact, explicit speakers. This unreserved style of communication is not suitable for the easily offended… or maybe it is if this is a part of your human ego that you would like to work on.

Pit Daemons have interesting ways of assisting their human companions. For instance, instead of neutralizing negative energy, they will absorb it from you. Some will even consume it by sucking it from your aura and transmuting the energy for you. Although this race steps forward to assist humans, they have very different morals and may seem a bit selfish to some. The Pits tend not to assist anyone for free. Your requests require an offering. These offerings can be candles, incense, herbs, etc the usual, or it can be energy. Typically the negative energy they absorb, be it yours or baneful energy others throw at you. Instead of transmuting ALL of the energy for your benefit, they will keep a portion for themselves.

Pit Daemons are incredibly proficient with removing negative energy from you and your space; self-manifested, environmental, and/or energy directed at you. They are great at finding and severing toxic energetic links you may have with others; cord cutting. Pits are also extraordinary baneful magick casters and have the knowledge to protect you from baneful magick just as well. It is because of their extremely dark natures that Pits are very skilled and revel in the sinister currents of baneful magick.

All of the entities we offer at Eden's Apple can manipulate and transform energies in your surroundings to benefit you. Below is a list of how Pit daemons can assist you.

* Manifest your strongest desires

* Increase your prosperity

* Help you develop your psychic skills

* Promote a better love life

* Rid you of unwanted negative influences

* Cleanse you of negative energies

* Protect you from harm physically and metaphysically

* Warn you of potential dangers

* Astral travel

* Astral Project

* Lucid dreaming

* Increase your luck

* Share ancient knowledge and teachings with you

* Add a magickal boost to your spells

* Self-reflection

* Mental Mastery

  Really, the sky is the limit. As long as you put in time and effort with your companion to work towards reaching your goals, they will be right by your side the whole time assisting you.

  Although all of our entities are capable of these things and more, each entity has particular key strengths. These strengths will be revealed to you personally in their biographies.

Please refer to the Hierarchy page to view the differences in the ranks. The higher your companion is ranked, the more powerful they are. Our prices are based on the time and energy spent on conjuring, vetting, and binding your companion, as well as, the measure of their power and capabilities.


With each Pit listing purchase, you will receive a FREE bonus package valued at $125

Included in this package

~ PDF of your Companion's Sigil ($25 value)

~ PDF In-depth Companion Biography ($60 value)

~ PDF Bonding Ritual ($25 value)

~ PDF Daemonic Companion Etiquette 101 ($15 value)


With each Pit listing purchase valued at $399.99 and above, you will receive a deluxe bonus package. In addition to the free bonus package, you will also receive a FREE special "get to know your companion" tarot spread reading. This reading is exclusive and unavailable for purchase in the store. The reading will introduce your companion on a deeper level as well as uncover what your companion has stepped forth to work with you on. Your total deluxe bonus package is valued at $185

Included in the Deluxe Bonus Package

~ PDF of your Companion's Sigil ($25 value)

~ PDF In-depth Companion Biography ($50 value)

~ PDF Bonding Ritual ($25 value)

~ PDF Daemonic Companion Etiquette 101 ($25 value)

~ Get to know your Companion Tarot Spread ($60 value)

Warning: Pit Daemons are not recommended for beginners. These entities have extremely dark energy and can cause side effects the novice does not know how to control or transmute. If you are a novice, proceed to check out with caution. You have been warned.