Rosier's Love Attraction Talisman

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Lord Rosier is known as the Demon of love. He assists with all matters pertaining to love. Rosier has a beautiful appearance and powerful loving dark energy. While in his presence one may notice a feeling of great comfort. He is kind and great for beginners of the Demonolatry path to work with.


On February 14th we held a blessing from Rosier to assist with general love attraction and the ability to love yourself on our Discord server. He also created 12 talismans as seen in the above photo. This blessing was powerful and many remarked on feeling the effects almost immediately. 


On a day when energy and celebrations of love are heightened, Rosier created a rose quartz talisman to assist with love attraction and self-love. The gentle essence of rose quartz naturally assists with matters of the heart and promotes unconditional love. A perfect choice for this type of talisman. Rosier activated the rose quartz to be used for general love attraction and/or self-love. Afterward, he gathered energies of love present in our realm and weaved in his powerful divine dark energy to create a potent talisman.


Rosier’s Love Attraction Talisman is a good choice for someone who is having difficulty finding a loving partner or someone who needs assistance with learning to love and accept themselves. It is important to remember one must love themselves before they can truly love another. You can not attract a loving partner and have a healthy lasting relationship if you do not truly love yourself first. Love yourself so you can attract and love another. Thankfully, this talisman assists with both. If you already love yourself but need assistance with finding a compassionate partner, Lord Rosier’s talisman can also aid you.