Leviathan's Grandson, Royal King P

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When Royal King P makes his entrance, he exudes a powerful presence that may require some acclimatization due to the overwhelming infernal energy he carries. In his natural corporeal state, Royal King P presents as a humanoid figure standing at an impressive height of 11 feet. His muscular physique is accentuated by dark blue skin adorned with golden ridges that trace from the outer arms, over the shoulders, down both sides of his back, and extending to his ankles. His long raven-black hair displays hints of midnight-blue under direct light. Royal King P’s distinctive features include prominent bull-like black horns crowned with gold rings at their tips which cradle his regal golden crown. His sea-green eyes radiate a subtle luminescence while his flat nose and slit nostrils enhance his formidable appearance along with sharply pointed teeth and largely pronounced fangs. In his webbed hand, he wields an ornate golden trident embellished with exquisite sea gems reflecting both status and power. He does not usually shift his form but can if circumstances call him to, in which case he transforms into a mighty 45-foot serpent of the sea, retaining his blue and gold hues.

Royal King P has emerged from the depths of Leviathan’s watery realms to assist you in releasing the guilt that is causing karmic debt. Releasing guilt can significantly assist in personal development by promoting emotional healing, self-acceptance, and growth. Guilt can weigh heavily on your emotions and mental well-being, causing stress, anxiety, and self-doubt. By allowing Royal King P to assist you with releasing guilt, you can experience emotional freedom and relief, allowing you to move forward with a clearer mind and a lighter heart. Royal King P cautions you that holding onto guilt can lead to feelings of unworthiness, shame, and self-criticism. By releasing guilt, you can cultivate self-acceptance and self-compassion, recognizing that mistakes are a natural part of growth and learning. Following Royal King P’s guidance can help boost your self-esteem and confidence. Releasing guilt often involves forgiving yourself for past actions or decisions. Forgiveness is a powerful act of self-care and compassion that can help you let go of resentment, anger, and negative self-talk. Working with Royal King P to let go of guilt allows you to focus on personal growth and development. Instead of being held back by feelings of regret or self-blame, he can teach you how to channel your energy into positive actions and self-improvement, like pursuing your goals and aspirations.

Message from Royal King P: Dost thou not desire to be rid of the weighty burdens of guilt? By releasing guilt, thou dost make room for self-examination, growth, and virtuous alteration in thy life. I do wish to assist thee in this journey of transformation towards self-mercy, individual strength, and emotional mending, ultimately guiding thee towards a more satisfying and harmonious personal progression.

Vessel: .925 Sterling Silver Coated Black Flower Jasper Pendant