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The Tigris is an ancient race of magickal and powerful beasts. They are located in various realms, however, sadly they are not a plentiful race. Tigris are rare and the ones we conjure are located within the Infernal Realms. Unfortunately, since they are already a rare race, there are not vast quantities available to conjure. We don’t know how long this listing will be available. With that said, if you feel a calling, it is better you answer the call before someone else does.


Tigris appear as striped tigers with goat horns, feathered wings, and lion-like tails that have a flaming tuff on the tip. Their beautiful coat color varies depending on the individual. Tigris are large in size, standing about 10 feet high on all fours. Their intense colored eyes glow in dim-lit areas. This mystical beast is not to be mistaken with Infernal cats. Tigris’ abilities and powers far surpass those of Infernal Hellcat's.


There is little documented information on the Infernal Tigris race, in fact, they did not have a name prior to today other than “unnamed winged tiger”. Together we came up with a name for their Infernal species. The name is Tigris and it was derived from the Latin language. There is only one “picture” available that very closely depicts the Tigris, and it is a mosaic which dates back to the era of Ancient Greece. However, the mosaic does not depict the Tigris of the Infernal realm. In the mosaic, they do not have glowing eyes nor a firey tuft on their tail.


The Tigris have been used by Deities as guardians of ancient artifacts and high-security gateways for millions of years, and they are still used for this purpose to this day. I do not know of a single Tigris, be they Infernal or otherwise, that is not a guardian of something. It is their resistance to magick and energetic attacks, as well as, their mastery of shields as to why they are the chosen ones to guard highly powerful artifacts and secured gateways. Many entities have tried to sneak past the wards of the Tigris to get to the “powerful prize” and many have failed. They either flee or meet their demise. Whatever the Dark Lords are guarding, it is for good reason, and the Tigris will fight to the death to protect their post. Do not expect your companion to show you where their post is or even what they are guarding. Under no circumstances will they reveal this to you, us, or anyone else. Their ardent loyalty is another reason why they have been chosen for this honorable duty.


Tigris are fierce guardians. They may not always be able to be around you, but just like their post, when they are away you will be left protected. They are matchless when it comes to their shielding abilities and can place layer upon layer of shields on you or your house. If someone or something tries to penetrate their shield, they will be alerted and respond promptly. Their resistance to magick can also be layered into their shields. This means they can protect you and your home from curses that someone may try to aim in your direction. They may even teach you a few of their mighty shielding techniques if you desire.



This is an Eden's Apple Original Listing. That means brought to you first by yours truly. We have worked hard to form our connections in the Infernal to conjure specific races and if you see this listing in another store you are being deceived.

Furthermore, The Eden's Apple Tigris of the Infernal is NOT to be confused with the fake "Jewish mythological Tigris from the mythological forest called "Bei Ilai" whose lore only shows up on wiki sites. There is no data on this race anywhere nor in Jewish folklore. We chose this name for this race of entity because they literally resemble a tiger, not a "lion." According to multiple wiki sites, the Jewish Tigris is actually a large lion and there is no history of them being guardians, protectors, or resistant to magick like the Infernal Tigris who bare horns and wings. You may see "Tigris" listed in other shops but they are not by any means the Tigris that we conjure.