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The Tigris is an ancient race of magickal and powerful beasts. They are located in various realms, but the Tigris we conjure hail from the Infernal.  Unfortunately, since they are  a rare race, there are not vast quantities available to conjure. We don’t know how long this listing will be available. With that said, if you feel a calling, it is better you answer the call before someone else does.

Tigris appear as striped tigers boasting goat horns, feathery wings, and lion-like tails tipped with fiery tuffs. Their impressive coats come in a variety of colors, and they stand 10 feet tall when on all fours. Their eyes possess an intense hue, intensifying in darkness. Not to be confused with Infernal cats, Tigris possess greater strength and capabilities than their felines distant cousins.

Little is known about the Infernal Tigris race, which had no name until recently, simply being referred to as "unnamed winged tiger". Together, we chose a fitting name for their Infernal species: Tigris, derived from the Latin language. The only "picture" of the Tigris is a mosaic from Ancient Greece, but it doesn't capture the full majesty of this Infernal beast, which has glowing eyes and fiery tuft on its tail.

Deities have relied on Tigris to protect sacred artifacts and secure gateways for millennia, and they remain an invaluable asset for this purpose today. Resistant to magick and energy assaults, and able to cast powerful shields, The Tigris are unsurpassed as guardians of the most powerful artifacts and guarded entryways. Entities of various kinds have made attempts to breach the Tigris' wards in hopes to be rewarded by the "powerful prize" - all to no avail. These ill-fated beings either retreat or face destruction. Whatever is being guarded by the Infernal Divinities is certainly not for sharing and the Tigris are ready to lay their lives on the line to maintain the security of their post. It is understood that revealing the location and purpose of their post is out of the question - a reflection of their undying allegiance and why they were chosen for their post.

Tigris serve as incredible guardians; even when they can't be physically present, their powerful protective shields will keep you safe. Their ability to deploy multiple layers of defense is unparalleled, and their shields can even absorb powerful magick. Should anyone attempt to breach their perimeter, the assailant will be met with swift action. If desired, your Tigris companion might even pass on some of their formidable shielding secrets.


 This is an Eden's Apple Original Listing. That means brought to you first by yours truly. We have worked hard to form our connections in the Infernal to conjure specific races and if you see this listing in another store you are being deceived.

The Eden's Apple Tigris of the Infernal should not be confused with the "Jewish mythological Tigris" from the mythical Bei Ilai forest- a large lion without horns or wings. No corroborating evidence exists in Jewish folklore either. We named this entity a "Tigris" due to its tiger-like appearance, unlike the "Jewish Tigris," which is actually a large lion with no history of being guardians, protectors, or magically resistant like the Infernal Tigris. You may encounter another shop selling "Tigris"  listings but these do not meet the same standards as our own.