Winter Solstice Abundance & Prosperity Manifestation Candles

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The Winter Solstice Manifestation Candles have been empowered and are ready for use. Since the candles were already enchanted with the energies of abundance and prosperity, they are waiting for you to customize them to fit your exact desire. It is quite simple, recite the affirmation that comes with the candle and add your specification into the blank. Light the candle and then let it burn out. The work of adding the energy has already been completed for you. Just state your sentence, light your candle, and sit back while the energies are transformed to manifest your desire.

On December 21st, 2020, the Winter Solstice energies were unprecedented in our lifetime. Not only was it the Solstice, but this is the closest that the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction has come to Earth since 1623.  This rare planetary alignment has great influence over our planet and promotes massive manifestation energy.

While creating these extraordinary candles, Eve took this rare opportunity to weave in the strong celestial abundance and prosperity energies of the Solstice sun, along with the mighty manifestation energies of the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction, to create these potent Abundance and Prosperity Candles. Additionally, the Candles were infused with essential oils, herbs, and crystals all aligned with the energies of abundance and prosperity to further enhance the potency. Furthermore, Lord Ba'al blessed the candles to give them a vigorous Infernal boost. As you can see, our one of a kind Winter Solstice Manifestation Candles are quite powerful. (Precautions have been taken to seal the energies in the candles until they are ready to be lit.)

Note: These are tea light candles. Do not purchase if you have allergies to Pine