Wooden Companion Sigil

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Having your companion's sigil engraved on a fine slice of wood is an elegant way to let your companion know you care. You can present this 3 inch wooden sigil to your companion as an offering or use it to connect to them on an advanced level. 

Ways to make use of the Wooden Companion Sigil

*Present as an offering

*Hold on to while mediating with your companion

*Burn a candle in a candle holder on top

*Burn incense in an incense holder on top

*Burn requests to your companion in a cauldron on top

*Place a stone oil burner on top

*Set out when doing divination/speaking with your companion

*Place a glass of wine on top

*Place under your pillow to invite your companion into your dream

*Place under your pillow for aid in dream work with your companion

*Focus on it to aid with connecting to your companion

*Use it as a calling card to your companion

There are many many things you can do with your Wooden Companion Sigil. However it is important to remember, that when setting anything on top of your companion's sigil, you are presenting that object to them as an offering. Handle with care and treat the wooden sigil with respect. The more you interact with your companion's wooden sigil, the greater your companion's energy will be imbued into their sigil, thus overtime, rendering your Wooden Companion Sigil a magickal daemon relic.

All Wooden Companion Sigils come in their naked natural sanded form. For a small fee you can have your companion's sigil coated in a 100% natural protective oil. Pure Tung oil enhances the wood's natural color and grain without leaving a glossy surface, keeping the wood's natural look intact. 

ALLERGY WARNING: Tung Oil is a NUT based oil. Do not purchase the oil coated option if you have a NUT ALLERGY. We are not responsible for any allergic reactions.