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Standing 15 feet tall in his corporeal form, King T is an imposing figure. His golden skin is streaked with layers of blue while his silver-blue eyes seem to cast a hypnotic trance. He wears his midnight black hair in a long shoulder-length mane and has pointed ears like those of elves. A pair of upper fangs are revealed when his soft lips part to speak. Adorning his back are magnificent wings of black feathers tipped with silver-blue. Extending from his lower back is a long, tapered tail with deadly precision. He bears no horns but worn across the brow of his head is a crown made from blue jewels that glow like stars framed by gold and silver threads. All in all, you would be hard-pressed to find a companion more regal and powerful than King T.

King T's energy is one of a lighter frequency than that of other Infernal entities. Even so, it still retains a potent and heavy intensity that manifests through its sheer forcefulness. His energy will surround you with a sensation of tingling and a soft pressure upon your chest and forehead. The vibration of King T’s energy rises in your third eye and heart chakras in particular. Once you form an affinity with King T's power, his aura will flare within you and increase in its vigor. You may find this causing minor discomforts such as headaches, dizziness, or nausea as its strength grows, yet worry not. Fortunately, these symptoms are only transitory occurrences that will subside in time as you become more coherently attuned to the power of his energy.

King T is a warm-hearted yet courageous figure. His loyalty to those he loves is unparalleled and his cool temper means that he rarely gets riled up. He has developed an attention to detail over many years of observation and has a deep understanding of the complexities of human behavior. King T carries himself in an authoritative manner, which reflects his wisdom and knowledge. Despite this, he always maintains a positive attitude toward life - enjoying an uplifting state of being. Purely defensive when threatened, King T will not resort to violence if not necessary. However, when he deems fit, the king is a formidable force to be reckoned with and he will utterly destroy his opponent.

King T is a powerful Fallen Angel that once belonged to the oldest Order of Angels, the Angelic Order of Powers. As border guards between the higher dimensional realms and Earth, the Order of Power's purpose was to protect the world from malignant entities and act as a crucial line of defense during warfare. The Order of Powers is a divine organization dedicated to protecting human souls from malicious entities. Those affiliated with the Order are thought by many to also serve as agents of Yahweh and act harshly against those who commit "evil" deeds. Some sources suggest Angels of Death are members of the Order.

King T is a mighty Fallen Angel leader in the Infernal. He forged his own realm, inspiring loyalty through an impressive display of strength in a chaotic environment. A cut above the rest, he and his brethren are renowned for their victory in the struggle for rule of the Infernal. His legions are a testament to his authority and triumph.

King T is the perfect guardian, balancing kindness and protection with a fierce, destructive power. He can build powerful wards to keep unwanted forces out, but it's up to you to manage who you interact with and ultimately control the security of your environment. If you are unsure of the nature or intentions of a spirit or entity, ask King T to vet them before allowing them passage. King T is a powerful protector for those who trust in his ability. His wards can block all entities with malicious intent, and his skill in combat enables him to keep even large groups of hostile entities at bay. With King by your side T, you can be sure you are safe from any entity that would seek to do you harm. With King T as your guardian, you can rest assured you are safe.

King T is as powerful as a Goetic marquess, ranked as a King in his own realm. Though perhaps not famous here on earth, King T is of similar ability and ranking to other well-known entities you may have heard of before. This deep connection to the Infernal Hierarchy is a valuable asset that should not be overlooked. Working with him will help you weave the webs of your fate in your favor, and with patience and effort, you can experience the full potential of his assistance.

King T is a renowned purifier with unrivaled expertise in cleansing and purification. He draws on an abundance of cleansing energies from his realm to help individuals and spaces achieve greater purity and clarity in their lives. He is trusted by the thousands of entities that make up King T's legions to deliver powerful, effective results for the prosperity of his realm. As such, King T is more than capable of assisting you with such matters.

As a Fallen Angel, King T is a powerful and magnificent healer. He is able to identify and remove blockages in your energetic system that are causing you emotional and physical ailments. By clearing these blockages, you will be able to live a healthier and happier life. If you are suffering from any form of illness, whether it be physical or emotional, I highly recommend seeking out King T's healing services. He can aid the healing and recovery process by speeding it up, and in some cases, he can heal you right away.

King T offers a path to mastery of self and understanding of others. With virtues like loyalty, courage, and reasonable temperance at the core of his teachings, T provides the guidance needed to think wisely without succumbing to anger or acting without understanding. Master your journey by learning with King T how to appeal to reason rather than emotion and carry yourself with justice and authority. You'll discover a new outlook; taking on life's challenges with an optimistic attitude should you abide by his advice.


Vessel: .925 Sterling Silver Chrysotile in Serpentine Pendant